Happy Orange Day


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Feb 27, 2006
Backwater, Ontario.
:lol:.............The religion of peace has nothing on thee, Wally.

Whistle a couple verses of "The Protestant Boys" for me, wooodya?

The Orange Lodge was just around the corner from our old homestead, and us kiddies used to turn out to watch the parade.

The fife and drums were good; some of the marchers could really play.

But even at a very young age, most of us viewed as pathetic, the once a year, yellowed white shirts, tattered banners,
and trousers up around the ankles. And the wrinkled, yellowed dresses of the ladies.

There was a Catholic family lived on the street bypassed by the parade, and the sire turned out as King Billy rode by on his dapple grey:..........."Look at the pri ck on that horse", he'd yell. " I've never seen such a big fat one!!" LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT P RICK !!"

Later on, in the pubs, a donnybrook or two was sure to occur. Both Catholic and Protestant, in 1949 Eastern Ont., freshly returned from the war, could still, and did, kick some serious a ss.

But that was long ago. Memories have faded. People have come and gone. The membership in churches has fallen over the years, and the hate has, to a great extent, been extinguished.

We need folks like you Walter, to remind us of what we don't want to be, and where we don't want to go.

Keep whistling.


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Jan 28, 2007
Mea Culpa, I was looking at the wrong day on my calendar; tomorrow is Orange Day, but I'll still be marching today since it is marching season.


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Apr 12, 2013
Why do such a thing?




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Mar 16, 2005
kelowna bc
Yes the wrong side won the battle and the IRA lost its will to re-unite Erie
At some point the struggle will begin again but not for a long time.
It was a fine thing the old marches and busted heads kind of reminded you
of the old NHL season openers years ago.
Ah but rest assured, the boys in Scotland will be having a vote to return
Scotland to its rightful owners the Scots. I would hope the Highlanders
and from there Ireland can begin its quest to be free and united.


kind and gentle
Feb 27, 2006
Backwater, Ontario.
Intimidating Catholics with a martial parade? Why not just burn a cross on their lawn? It's the same level of threat.

Yes of course. That's my point all along.

That, and we could hope the attendance in all churches falls to zero............soon, and all the religion based nonsense and animosity put to rest.


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Sep 23, 2015
Why, Walter! I had you pegged as a Roman Catholic priest!
For an admitted peedo ( you have turned down every chance to disavow pedophilia, and still support a bunch of the peedos we know of for sure because they have been convicted), you really are a caution doood.

Doesn't that scare off the children?
Oh, of course, candy, money, jet planes, presidential rape, and fakenews, right Epstein?

Oh Also, speaking of pedo convicts: your weener is showing.
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