Fuck Joe Biden and anyone who voted for him


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Apr 17, 2017
Twin Moose Creek


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Feb 11, 2020
Ya, Biden has very little to show for all the years he's been in government - his legacy will show what a duffus he was & what a crook he was as well.

All old, where am I today, senile BiDumb can show for all of his years in politics is all of the paychecks that he has received for decades now for doing sweet phuk all for America or the American people.

Sadly, Canada has and is paying for the pleasure of having it's own whofess goofess politician named Castro Trudeau who is collecting a salary from the taxpayer's of Canada for never doing anything good and decent for Canada or Canadians. All this doofus has done for Canada is that he keeps trying to destroy Canada and turn Canada into a communist country. (n)