Erin O'Toole Under Fire


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Nov 25, 2008
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Yabbut...politicians run on votes, and there are lots of votes that would just as soon see the oilsands whither and die. They may not be particulalry well-informed, but they still get a vote. There is still an important place in Canada's economy for a thriving oil and gas sector for a few decades at least, but we can't ignore the mounting pressure from the environmental lobby, nor can we expect the government to step in and prop up an industry that can't stand on its own. What a lot of people don't want to look at is that perhaps the biggest obstacle to Canadian O&G interests is American O&G interests. I agree that the TMX is an essential part to the survival of the Canadian oil industry, but it is what it is. You don't get to steamroller over concerns of stakeholders, not without consequences.

Note to ponder: Should the west separate, would First Nations still have a voice that would be listened to ?
As we have been saying, unequal representation in Ottawa permits OnrarieOWE and Kweebek to have political power unequal to their contribution to the economy. But this is exactly what the feds have done. They have deliberately set up roadblocks to getting pipe in the ground and have even encouraged the antieverything crowd. So much so that some extremist politicians have even been caught in illegal protests. TMX has been fighting politically inspired roadblocks for longer than it took to build the first pipeline.
Alberta is about to have a referendum on equalization payments and the law says the feds have to deal with the outcome with good faith bargaining.


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Mar 4, 2016
Alberta is about to have a referendum on equalization payments and the law says the feds have to deal with the outcome with good faith bargaining.
You think the inept clown running the show gives a flying fiddlers f*ck about about the law... or has the first clue what "good faith" even means? When has he ever been held to account for not following the rules? Give me one example of Trudeau being held accountable....for anything...if you can. You have a lot more trust in our dysfunctional system than I do.

Alberta isn't going to get shit from Ottawa...ever! The PM can't even remember it's part of Canada. And he doesn't need to, he wrote those votes off years ago.


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Nov 21, 2008
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Thought at the time (2012 /13) BHP was buying a lot of farm land anywhere near Jansen / Leroy / Lanigan. Big enough company to be able to be patient is their advantage.
It wasn't BHP. They did buy some and lease property for wells, and venting but never impacted anything.

CPP went on a cropland buying frenzy. Everyone thought it was foreign investors. CPPIB took advantage of producers who fell behind the modernization curve or those with no one in their lineage willing to take over. Land values skyrocketed and turned people scratching the dirt to survive into overnight millionaires.