Canada loses jobs, economy and companies


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Nov 25, 2008
Vancouver Island
What's new?. Canada has been selling itself out since wealthy Canadians decided to set up companies off shore in the 70's. If that's not the worst of it, GM got 9 Billion of Canadian tax dollars free, then promptly took it with them to Cancun instead of circulating it within Canada. (As for myself as PM, on that news citizenship would have been revoked promptly. The execs can have their retirement of sunny comfort, but on order of seizure of assets,cash,passports,etc. No presedent in law you say? Gimme time...... ).
We could have had a few squadrons of Canadian made interceptors that already scared the geebees out of the hostile world with our new technology. Step aside S Korea and Singapore, we could have a nation of quality ships and builders that delivered their orders "ahead of time"(pfizer heads up!) to save Lend Lease. We can manufacture our own autos. If I recall, it was our help that stompted out of few diseases in the past also. What happened to keeping up our competativeness. We were the best at it.
We let socialists take over our country.
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bob the dog

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Aug 14, 2020
It's never been a better time to be a civil servant (name is an oxymoron).

Stay home and get paid but tell everyone you are working from home. Meanwhile save the expense of the daily commute and now get a WFH tax credit that will cost the government $250 million. Every day counting towards benefits and pensions but not interfering with holidays. Nobody checking on anybody.