And again... (Another US Shooting)


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Aug 9, 2022
The word is "precedent." Not as funny as "correcting" something from wrong. . . to wrong.
Actually precedence is a word, and it's meaning (being 'the order things go in more ore less) actually isn't out of place in the thread she replied to.

People refuse to be responsible for a bad action and then they chase the money. The act of irresponsibility is the precedence of a civil suit.

She PROBABLY got caught with a spellchecker giving her bad advice and PROBABLY meant precedent but you can't know that till you know precisely what she was saying. And you didn't ask so your statement was wrong even if it turns out she did mean it. If she was thinking he was referring to civil cases always following people's inability to be responsible then precedence actually works. Bad acts precede a lawsuit. It's actually quite true - it seems like every time someone can't take responsibility there's a lawsuit. So the use of that word is entirely correct.

Nothing like correcting something from wrong.... to wrong... to even more wrong :) LOL ! If you were half as smart as you think you are sometimes you'd be dangerous :)
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