Alec Baldwin gets some bad news...


Man of Memes
Mar 22, 2019

‘Rust’ Script Supervisor’s Assault And Battery Suit Stripped Down By Judge​

Only Alec Baldwin is primarily responsible for the firing of the loaded gun on the Rust set last year that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Friday.

“While [Rust script supervisor Mamie] Mitchell alleges that the producers assisted Baldwin by supplying the loaded weapon, Mitchell’s allegations fail to establish that the producers knew Baldwin would aim and fire the loaded weapon … such that they would be jointly liable for his intentional conduct,” Judge Michael E. Whitaker said today in a tentative and now final ruling.


Council Member
Aug 9, 2022
There does seem to be evidence that they cut back on safety here and there but to me it comes to one thing. In Canada you don't get to handle guns without learning the very very first rule which is check to see if it's loaded yourself and you point it in a safe direction while you do it . (we call it ACTS and PROVE). I have no doubt it's the same in the states. And he picked up a functioning firearm and didn't check it - and then pulled the trigger.

While i'm sure he didn't intend to kill anyone, that's negligence in my books regardless of anything else.

ANd after the shooting another actor said on twitter "I always check every gun i pick up, you need to in order to be safe" And Baldwin replied "I haven't done that ever and it's never been a problem". - REALLY ASSWIPE? YOU JUST SHOT SOMEONE. TELL me all about how it's not a problem.


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Mar 3, 2019
Gun safety - never point it in the direction of person.