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  • hi shad. yeah its me. good to see you too again. :) its too bad i can't use my old screen name and avatar here. sigh :( /lol :) p.s. what happened to the other forums that we used to post on? eg.,, etc.
    From the sounds of it, you are(Coddy said as much on Ron's Wall). Good to see you. I have sent you a Friend request. It should show up in the 'News' section at the top of the main page.:)
    FYI....The current Moderators on Canadian Content Forums are:
    1) Hazmart
    2) Shadowshiv
    3) Ron in Regina

    Moderators names appear in Green if that'll help you identify them.
    "dear ron, are you a moderator? i am new to this forum. what i posted are not sub forums of this website. you can change my screen name to spaminator. i am however dissapointed since i have used the previous screen name and avatar on other forums and have not had any problems. :sad: "

    This is here and not elsewhere. We have a nice little community here. Members age
    from the teen's into the 70's & more. Sperm & Spam aren't great in a Username. I
    spend a large part of my time hunting Spam & Banning spammers. I'm not the only
    Moderator here, & another may see the Spam in Spaminator and put you to the curb.
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