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  • I am...thank you. You do know that I am "wonder" over at the other place right? There was a reason I didnt use Gem there, cannot remember why.
    He was around more than I was a while back, so he has a couple of extra abilities for when Andem is not around.
    Thanks anyhow. I have not seen that member back since then, so I guess it isn't a huge deal. If the member comes back, I will ask Ron to take care of it(since I don't have that option).
    Just wondering how you went about getting your handle changed from the old one to the current one? There is another member here who has to get their name changed(I'm sure you know who I'm talking about) as it is offensive. Thanks spammy.:)
    You finally changed the Jon Secada Avatar? Did your account get hacked or something?;) LOL!

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well!:)
    Nope. But since he was the one that was around at the time you joined, and since it is only fair to ask the fellow Mods what they think of the name(I think it's fine, but you have to ask Ron and Hazmart). We are an equal group, and a far better Mod team than the Vine ever had.:)
    I was under the impression that you had created the name 'spaminator' yourself. I am confuzzled.
    I know that there was some issue with the name when you first joined, but since there haven't been any complaints from the membership I'll ask if it's okay.:)

    Just be prepared just in case.;)
    Don't forget to post your comments on MY wall instead of your own. LOLOL!:)

    To go to my wall, just click on my Avatar and it will go to my page. From there, you can post a message on my wall. If it is on a different option at my page, just click on 'The Wall' located on my page and you can post a message.

    Do you have a new name decided on yet?;)
    i'm sorry to hear that spacecast is only a blog now. :( i originally used my old spacecast/grapevine screen name sperminator. ron asked me to change it :( , so i changed it to a similar sounding name, spaminator. :) p.s. i don't know how to post a message on your wall. :(
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