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  • That's cool. At least your mom is going to visit for a couple of weeks. :)

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?;) LOLOL!
    I am glad to see you back, Annika. Any progress on your story?:)

    And thank you for the compliment with regards to my Avatar. :) Yours is a nice one as well.
    Hiya Miss! Just wanted to tell you how jealous I am of you right this moment. I WANT TO BE IN HAWAII!!! Seriously I am trying to think of reasons why I NEED to be there. I fell in love with Maui last year and have come to realize that I can not live with out it! *sigh* So tell me, have you been whale watching lately???
    Thank you for the kind wall post. Merry Christmas to you and all the best in 2009.
    Aloha and Mahalo Miss Annika! What a wonderful surprise!
    Merry Christmas to you as well, and I wish for you all the best in the new year!
    Thank you for the Christmas greeting. It was very nice.:)

    Have a Merry Christmas Annika![IMG][IMG][IMG]
    I'm not into the FPS games too much. I enjoy them, but I prefer RPG and Adventure games. Also I like TBS games(such as Heroes of Might & Magic and Age of Wonders).

    That being said, Doom and Duke Nukem 3D kick butt!
    Nothing wrong with that, Annika. I have played Fallout and Fallout 2 numerous times before and I am playing them again. LOL! I also played Bioshock twice in a row. That is a great game! :)
    Hey Niki, long time no see. I hope that you are happy and healthy. Just checking in with you. I hope that you don't mind.
    Sincere Regards,
    You mean these? They are good. The Girl Guides sell them here just before Christmas as their fund raiser. The Scouts(formerly “Boy Scouts” but now co-ed), sell various Popcorn flavours. The Beavers(5-7yrs.) are a great Scouting group to work with and I truly enjoy it!

    I’d sort of hoped you might be familiar with some Boy Scout/Girl Scout members as I love trading Badges. The hilarious one below I managed to get from a Scouter in England. :lol:

    I read you do art as well. Now that CC has a Thread for that, I'd love to see what you do.
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