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  • Here we go Ludlow...........Game 2 and I'm with the Cubbies all the way. All the talk has been around the 'great Clayton Kershaw' be really nice to see the Cubs chase him off the mound early. GO CUBBIES..............GO!
    You must be cautiously optimistic about your Cubbies, Ludlow after they took Game 2 against the Giants last night. Let's hope your Cubs and my Jays can get it done in 3. Go Cubbies.
    Not much into politics anymore Mowich. seems like every where you look people are putting on a performance. We live in a world of fiction. AKA,,,liars.
    Kudos to John Kerry for speaking French during the press conference today - nice to see an American politician recognize that we are a bilingual country. Two thumbs up on this one, Lud.
    I never welcomed you properly to the forum but I am doing so now and thanking you for a voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic mess.

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