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  • Cubbies going home with the series evened up Ludlow and they only allowed 5 hits in the game.
    Hope you are out of the hospital Ludlow and that it wasn't something serious that put you there. Also hope the rain holds off long enough to get the entire game in.

    Cleveland better make sure their guys are well hydrated tonight - don't want to see anymore game delays such as happened with Santana - hardly fair to the pitcher though he did have bigger problems on his mind - the delay didn't help.
    Yeah. I watched the ballgame from a hospital bed. Wasn't feeling well but hopefully I'll be in better shape to enjoy the next one. Like to see the cubs win an away game.
    That was not the way we hoped it would go, Ludlow. That Kluber was outstanding - darn it and Lester had himself a real bad night. Hoping things turn around today - I see the game will start earlier due to bad weather moving into the area. Looking forward to a much better game by the Cubs tonight.
    Oh good we've got Buck back for the broadcast..........much better than the last two doofuses.
    Mr Sunshine - been hearing about him during the lead-up to Game 1 tonight. Had a heck of a career. I wasn't even alive the last time the Cubs made it here - mind you I wasn't here the last time the Tribe made it either. GO CUBBIES!
    Mom was a maid at the Tahiti Inn Motel in Phoenix. Ernie Banks stayedcthere during spring training. Mom always told me what a nice person he was.
    Really looking forward to this WS............so much history behind these two teams...........such a long time since either of them made it..........I like the Tribe and would have cheered for them had the Dodgers won..............Really happy that the Cubbies came through for you and all their loyal fans who've been waiting so very long for this moment.
    Chicago is going to go nuts tonight........probably good thing you are in Phoenix. :smile:

    2 outs away from a trip to the WS

    Chapman needs to take a deep breath now

    The tension in the stands must be palpable

    1 out walk..........no big deal.........he'll get the next 2

    And your Cubbies are off to the World Series..................well done Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I sure hope you have your TV on Lud.......cause your Cubbies are starting to do a number on Clayton. They got 2 runs off him in the 1rst and another one in the 2nd and they just got a man on 3rd with 2 out. Meanwhile the Dodgy Dodgers can get anything by the Cubbies pitcher so far. We are in the 3rd and Kershaw has thrown 39..make that 40 pitches all ready. Go Cubbies!
    Headed back to Wrigley Field up 3 - 2 over the Dodgers, Lud..........bats came through big again last night and Lester was all the team needed on the mound. They are soooo close, Lud.....all these years - decades actually - they've waited for this chance. Standing in their way on Saturday will be Clayton Kershaw. Find a way around him and they've got this. I BELIEVE :smile:
    Gee Ludlow, I sure hope you are watching your Cubbies tonight......they are up 10 - 2 over the Dodgers in the bottom of the 6th. The bats are alive.
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