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  • Nochmals "hi";

    also, das mit den smilies war witzig!! Ich fand sie sofort, als ich auf "Advanced" umgeschaltet hatte.

    Mit dem Loeschen von Wand postings warte ich noch ein bisschen, die messages sind noch relativ neu. Danke aber, dass Du mir das Loeschen erklaert hast. Ich war mir nicht sicher mit dem kleinen Kaestchen... womoeglich springt mir jemand an die Kehle, wenn ich da reinklicke!!!:p

    Gute Nacht;
    es ist arg spaet schon bei mir.
    Once I managed to be the only one online. Wasn't my liveliest visit to the forum, you know :) Greetings from Russia to you!
    Hello, Andem! :) I only just saw your wall posting. I live in Russia, so that's why I am often here early :) The time difference... I have to go to bed when everyone is posting away LOL
    I love the blue swirl theme, mainly because it's visible out the side of the window. Perhaps a Christmas theme along the same vein would be nice, like a Christmas tree that peeks out the right side of your screen? Thanks for all the hard work, it looks AWEsome.
    Andem , hmm what to say wishing a happy new year to someone um I know so little about.
    I do want to thank you for this site. I have met and grown to know a few friends here which i think will stay with me for a long time. This is basically where i had my first dipping on the internet forum world. It has shaped my attitude in ways that would of taken me longer otherwise. I haven't been here much lately , can't seem to split my attention much.
    Wishing you the best and less stress in the up and coming year........;-)
    Have a merry Christmas Chris, and I hope the new year brings you success and happiness. Cheers.
    Wishing you joy, peace and happiness. Failing that, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year....

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