Time To Seriously Reduce The Number Of Immigrants To Canada

L Gilbert
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I just got to thinking with our country being in such dire financial straits maybe it's time we starting imposing an admission fee for immigrants. Let them solve our debt problems if they want to come here so badly.

Great idea, JLM. Or if they don't want to forward an admission fee, they can guarantee they will start a business and hire a few Canadians.
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Anna, you've turned into a tree. Or is that just your willowy figure I see?

lol And you liked the pale, fat thing I had as my avi before? It's usually the first bush that blossoms in the spring around here. It's called a forsythia.


Actually immigration doesn't have much to do with world population growth so far as Canada is concerned. Canada accepting immigrants will not spur other parts of the world to have more people, but it will keep Canada from facing a serious population decline in the future. Several nations are faced with this problem and many of them are dealing with it through immigration. There is no reason why Canada cannot do the same, especially as the country is far from overpopulated.

Population decline is a good thing until we smarten up and take care of what we have.
My generation won't be able to fund the health and social benefits of your generation without new immigrants...it's definitely NOT the time to consider reducing immigrants, though maybe the age of the immigrants should be considered.
Bar Sinister
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Population decline is a good thing until we smarten up and take care of what we have.

I think that is probably true. But it will still be a bit of an adjustment.

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