What's your opinion on United States Of America?

Yuuuuup. Rose hips, strawberries, saskatoons, raspberries picked my first bow of raspberries his AM. But the best way to get calcium and vit D to arthritic bones is citrus and the potassium comes in handy in the prairie heat.

7 Arctic winters have probably taken 15 years off the life span of my bones including part of a toe that has not grown back yet.
The United states has not fully absorbed the socialist philosophy that dominates the other western nations. It is the only holdout and therefore provides the only alternative from social democracy. The most important feature of the USA is the most personal freedom under the sun. People in the other Western countries think they are free too but they are put under the obligation, by several layers of government, of paying the way of those with less income so that society as a whole looks good. And if you try to speak or write against the social system you will run into the invisible bars you didn't realize were there. If you cannot earn a good income the USA is arguably the worst nation in the West to live in. If you can, however, it is probably the best.

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