Forum members, please stop being so interesting.

Okay members here's my problem; You are to interesting, can you start posting only dull, boring threads during the day. Please, I'm not getting any work done. It's time consuming hiding this site (min) when the boss walks by and then
maxing it again. Cheers.
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Sassy ... on behalf of the entire membership of CC, I would like to offer a formal apology. We try, we really do try, but no matter how boring we attempt to make ourselves, someone just has to pop up with some smart remark. Smart meaning intelligent, of course. And then there's the ITN/Jay show to contend with, not to mention Zoofer's antics, Dexter's wit, Juan's wry remarks ... and that doesn't even begin to take into account Haggis and Wednesday! Ack ... nope, no chance in hell of making this place boring!

Guess you'll just have to work on being quick on the minimize button!
Sassylassie, may I suggest pressing the Windows Logo + M combination, to minimize in a crunch? Hides everything on the desktop. Tastes good¹, too. Press Shift + Windows Logo + M to restore everything.

¹ Yeah, I dunno.
Dexter Sinister
Okay Sassy, here's a deliberately dull, dumb post for you.

When it says at the beginning of a movie on tv that it's been modified to fit my tv screen, I'd like to know how they know how big my tv screen is.
Thanks for the tips Five, I will give it a try. Dexter your dry wit cracks me up. Cosmo its nice to see you posting, how is the truck working.
More dull boring news:

A nuclear exchange is reported to have occurred between Pakistan and Iran. This follows a exchange of nuclear secrets. This follows an exchange of oil vouchers.
Sorry the ticker tape was going in reverse. Substitute "follows" with "precedes" to correct the problem.
The detonations has triggered an earthquake and moved the Pacific plate. Afghanistan and Japan have traded places.
A tsunami is forming as the tell tale signs are becoming evident. The water in the Mediterranean is low. Down to 6 inches. Sucked back thru the Suez canal and appears to be gathering in the Great Rift Valley.
But enough of dull news. How about something exciting?
I could describe my last game. Blow by blow?

Edited to test the edit fuction
I know! I could get into a discussion of the roles of Sections 1 and 33 in the Constitution Act, 1982! Ooh, ooh, or I could discuss the consequential amendments that the Civil Marriage Act made to the Statutes of Canada! I mean, sure, Sections 1-4 were interesting, but everything after that is almost as dull as Mr. and Mrs. Smith would have been without Brad Bitt. Then again, one of my friends (guy) thinks that it would have been dull without what's-her-face. I dunno.
I have more dull news.

I guess it was not dull enough as Cosmo or someone kept editing out the interesting parts.
Thanks Sassy. I took a wee vacation because I was getting cranky. Then Haggis ran off and I came back, although I'm finding the shoes waaaay too big to fill! I haven't found a single soul to drag off to the torture chamber yet. Which is actually good, since she didn't leave the key.

Ah, the truck ... if you want dull topics, this is better than Zoof's account of what the people in foreign lands are doing.

I thought it was the starter. After having it towed three times, I finally had it towed to the Ford dealer, shelled out almost $400 (ya, they saw me coming) for a new starter, and the same problem is happening again. Of course I didn't get it back to the dealer in time, so the problem is mine now.

It's a Ford. The starters on Fords are in a weird place. I'm a Harley girl first, but if I must have 4 wheels, I like Chevs. Anyway, long story long, I crawled under the &%##$* thing, found the starter and began whopping away with a hammer. That worked the first time. I thought I'd get another year out of it and hopefully sell the damn thing before the problem arose again. No such luck.

I had to crawl back under there -- with a lighter, btw, since I don't own a flashlight -- and no matter how much I abused it with the hammer, it wouldn't work. In a fit of sheer frustration I grabbed the wires and gave em a yank. Ta-da! The problem is the wiring.

Now if I actually owned some electrical tape and had even the vaguest of clues as to where to apply it, I could probably solve the problem. I don't have either ... tape or a clue. So, for now, I shall continue to wriggle under the beastly thing (the one time I'm glad my boobs aren't bigger) and yank wires until I either break the damn thing for good, get electrocuted, or convince it to behave. If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to break down and buy a flashlight, I fear.

Whew ... that ought to keep you bored for the rest of the day!!
Quote: Originally Posted by zoofer

I have more dull news.

I guess it was not dull enough as Cosmo or someone kept editing out the interesting parts.

Uh uh ... can't lie to us, Zoof ... the "last edited" line gives you away. You broke it yerself. It was not my fault this time.
Ah, the Cosmo we all love-thanks for the laugh. Try leaving the keys in the ignition in China Town, it didn't work for me but hay a girls gotta try. Zoofer nothing you and Five post is EVER dull. Please try harder.
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by zoofer

Edited to test the edit fuction

The edit *what?* Or are you just trying to in**** our intelligence?
Zoofer by "Game" please tell me you are not talking about the dreaded "Golf".
Cosmo; I feel your pain. At least I did (crawling under truck and all in the cold), until I realized you live in Lotus Land and drive a Ford. Blessed and cursed both at the same each. eh

If you are still determined to fix the truck, get a friend, go under the truck, pull a wire, ask friend to turn key. LET GO OF THE WIRE WHILE THE KEY IS BEING TURNED. Do this until truck starts. Then follow said wire to the end and make sure it is not touching other wires, then wrap it in electrical/duct/scotch/ tape until you can get to a part replacer and let them mess it up royaly.

Sorry this post is so interesting Sassie. Doing my damdest to be dull.

Oldnugly you are forgiven. Um, I don't think Cosmo should um handle bare wires um she could get hurt.

No, for God's sake don't touchem if they're bare Cosmo. At least not two at the same time, and not while the key is being turned.

Sassie, I didn't realize she was messing with bare wires. I hope you think she??? She may be.........

COSMO...........Speak to us.......damn, not the BARE WIRES

Actually most vehicle wiring is not bare, but you can still get a helluva jolt by grabbing a plug wire or coil.........don even mention coil.

Sorry Cosmo
Cosmo can you here us, wake up Cosmo don't go to sleep. Good god Oldnugly you've killed Cosmo.
And I was trying so very hard to be dull
Should we drag her over to Wrecked Beach and put her in the thread Naked Bodies? What are we to do. Boring, you just killed a Mod, what is Haggis going to do to us. Wail.
Cosmo; are you alright? If your dead please don't contact me.
Hi Sassylassie
Today I had a piece of toast for breakfast.
I also had a coffee.
I take it black.
It snowed a bit.
My car did not break down on the way to work.
Two charities phoned me tonight.

I know what you are thinking....Where oh where is that irrascible dynamic exciting and intriguing **** disturbing Cortez that I want to sink my deep red nails into???

Well, out of respect for you Sassy, I am confining that aspect of me to every OTHER site than this forum.... I hope this has been soothing and suitably dull....
Dull and boring? Try watching some of the curling on TSN..I napped several times during the coverage today and now feel refreshed
Try watching coverage of the Ipperwash Inquery on CPAC. I mean, it's okay for an hour or so, but anything further than that and it's quite easy to end up inadvertantly sleeping.
I used to nap while listening to the CBC, but the dirty rats snuck in some good music and ruined that avenue
Sassy I think I saw you today walking into the local walk in don't look anything like your toon.

She's downplaying it or we'd be harassing her too much shed never get any work done, Sublime....... I guess there isn't any toon that comes close to you....
Ha, ha, thanks for keeping it real. Walk in Clinic ITN.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sassylassie

Cosmo; are you alright? If your dead please don't contact me.

Well, Sassy, I was for a while ... some folks call it napping, but they are amateurs! I'm an olympic calibre napper and have to make sure no one puts a toe tag on me while I'm practising my art. The outfits aren't as snazzy as the skaters, no one throws me roses, but Shell said she gives me a "10" for my skill! Napping, that is, Zoofer.

Old ... thanks for the tips. I'm one of those people who hate mechanics (hard on the nails!) and do it only as an absolute last resort. I think, though, I may just give your suggestion a try. Probably a wise decision before I yank the wires completely out of wherever they're supposed to go. I'll even buy a flashlight when I'm making my tape purchase. Ooooh! Shopping! See, every cloud .....

No no ... the wires aren't bare. Or at least not that I could see huddled under there, craning my neck, bits of greasy dirt dropping in my eyes, burning my fingers on the lighter ... thank gawd I wasn't wearing heels and hose while trying to fix it! I had to crawl under the damn truck three times yesterday ... once was at the grocery store, once in front of the doctor's office. Woulda scared all the grannies! (Lots of those in Victoria!)
Praise God, I thought Oldnugly had taken you to your death. I was so afraid of what punishment Haggis would of heaped on me. I'm off to bed all this fighten and war-en has done these old bones no good. Give the dog a kiss for me will ya.
It is probably the connection rather than the actual wires. That is you probably do not need tape. You need a wrench to tighten the starter connections. If those are tight and clean then the problem is else where.

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