Forum members, please stop being so interesting.

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I have more dull news.

I guess it was not dull enough as Cosmo or someone kept editing out the interesting parts.

Uh uh ... can't lie to us, Zoof ... the "last edited" line gives you away. You broke it yerself. It was not my fault this time.

Ya'but notice it says:
Last edited by zoofer on Mar 15th, 2006 2:18 pm; edited 6 times in total
No who did the first 5 edits? FivePar?
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Sorry, zoofer, doesn't work! I am not a Moderator.

... yet. Muahaha! {hint}

Just kidding.
Not to worry. I will get to the bottom of this.

Wheres Sassy?
Good god Zoofer when you posted here it was five thirty in the morning on the Best/East Coast. I was sleeping.

P.S. You guys are doing a crappy job, I'm not bored yet. I should be working.
You'll love our new series on the Art of Toenail clippings Also, thinking of doing one on Earwax Art,too.
I always save the big toes for last.
Nothing interesting to see here.....
I happen to think my toes are very interesting
I'm still being boring..
Not working Manda and Missile I am here and I'm not working. Try harder.
I spent the last few days going through the 28 cartons of comix I own & now have a sore back I was looking for the V For Vendetta series,but only found the last half But,I did find an entire box of old Warren Magazines[Vampirella,Creepy,1984,etc] That should be nerdish enough to be boring,eh?
Nope, I am an advid reader. I will read anything, I love the comics. Sherman's lagoon rocks.
Man, i don't know what else to do....should I try to scan and post the directons I had to try to follow when constructing my barbeque the other night?, there was only a moderate amount of colourful language used
All this anti-Bush crap is starting to up my blood pressure. I may have to log off for health reasons.
I give up trying to be boring I did my best,too.
Sassy you are difficult to bore.

So I will not stimulate your brain with that eternal question that has vexed humans for decades.

I will just mention one guy's solution. The question of course is "over or under?" Think about it . "Over" leads to free falling due to over spin. "Under" can rub against the paint on the wall.

One nameless gentleman from down under uses a corn cob so that's his solution. :P
Just how should one mount that toilet roll?
Well now that's a realy personal question Zoof, but I will answer it: I am a lefty so it's always under for the toilet paper. However, over has always been something I would like to learn.
I think over is better. I tried it both ways. Under my hand hits the wall. Disconcerting.
Maybe boxed tissues is the answer?
But moving on.
There must be a name for that part of a coat hanger that a dress hangs on? You know there is the hook part . Then the part that actually supports a dress. It would be interesting if it had a name.
I see no reason why we cannot create the term zoofer.

An Act for the creation of a word (dress support for hangers)

Whereas the membership of Canadian Content deserves to have the terms for odd objects accessible for their use at their discretion, and such terms should be, from time to time, created where they do not exist or where their existence is in question;

And Whereas the membership should not be discouraged from commissioning the resources required, from time to time, to create words where such words may be deemed necessary to further debate or discussion, or where a reference appears that requests the use or presentation of a word that does not in fact exist;

Now Therefore, be it enacted by by Her Most Excellent Majesty, Haggis McBagpipe, with the advice and consent of the membership of Canadian Content, and the right honourable and ever-watching Board of Directors:

Short title

1. This Act may be cited as the Dress Hanger Act.

Creation of word

2. The part of a hanger that supports a dress is herein to be styled an "oragamomagog", where there is one reference to one; however, where there is references to more than one, the group of the objects (more than one oragamomagog) is to be styled "oragamomagi".

Omission of previous word

3. No previous word making reference to the object or objects described in Section 2 (oragamomagog, and oragamomagi, respectfully) shall be held valid by the Administrators and Moderators under any context, except insofar as the consideration of such an alternate style may be necessary in the event of exigent circumstances.

Punishment for use of non-words

4. (1) Any one commits a crime who, on Canadian Content,

(a) posts a word deemed to be not valid by virtue of Section 3 of this Act; or

(b) attempts to substitute any word or term for those set out in Section 2 of this Act.

(2) Any one who is convicted of a crime as set forth in Section 4(1) of this Act is liable to be imprisoned in the torture chambers and henceforth tortured for a period of no less than one hour, and no longer than an eternity, at the hands of the Right Honourable Director General of Torture of Canadian Content, to be appointed, from time to time, by Her Most Excellent Majesty.
If Zoofer wants to wear dresses in the privacy of his home,so what? I'm sure he looks rather lovely in them Please! no photos though.
tighten the stuff at the end of the wires too.
trade the clunker

time for a boring walk
Oldnugly boring and cranky, sorry not working. What the puck is Zoofer doing wearing a dress? I need an advil, my head is pounding.
He has a hot date tonite and wants to look his prettiest..I hope he's wearing the pink off the shoulder one
Just remember Zoofer, red black venom lack. Red on yellow will kill a fellow. Now what is color season are you a winter, spring, summer or fall. This is important, you don't want to wear the wrong color dress and have it clash with your complexsion.
Not a problem He is a 4 seasons kind of guy.[without the high pitched voice of Frankie to be clear on that!]
lone wolf
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Ya gotta be reaching when you spam a seven-year-old thread. B-bye...
Well, if anything, it shows a lot of members that are no longer here at CC!
Quote: Originally Posted by lone wolfView Post

Ya gotta be reaching when you spam a seven-year-old thread. B-bye...

Conversations with dead-ish people.

Quote: Originally Posted by shadowshivView Post

Well, if anything, it shows a lot of members that are no longer here at CC!

Well I'm still here! Much to the chagrin of some no doubt, but I'll not be deterred.

Unless you ban me, which, please don't.
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Okay Sassy, here's a deliberately dull, dumb post for you.

When it says at the beginning of a movie on tv that it's been modified to fit my tv screen, I'd like to know how they know how big my tv screen is.

You never see it but it is there watching everything.


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