Wokeism will DESTROY civilization… here’s how to stop it before it’s too late


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Mar 18, 2013
Washington DC
Funny how, with all the things the White Right shrieks will "destroy civilization," the only thing that actually did significantly destroy civilization in the last century was racist authoritarianism and nationalism.
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Nov 25, 2008
Vancouver Island
You can bet your last dollar the NWO types will pick up where the Nazis left off. How many of their own people has the CCP eliminated because they didn't toe the party line?
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Sep 9, 2013
I came across this longish article in Quillette today. It struck me how similar a lot of the historical warnings we have been given by great philosophers resemble present times. It's also a great and simple explanation of why Marxism has always failed as a political system.

In The Republic, Plato described how, in democratic societies, the “insatiable desire for freedom ... prepares the ground for tyranny.” The more free people become, the more they resent limitations on that freedom and condemn the always insufficient progress already made as oppression. As hierarchies collapse and order breaks down, people lose structure and meaning. The parent fears the child, the old fear the young. A tyranny of silence suffocates free speech as citizens self-censor out of fear that their views may be seen as “disagreeable or despotic.” It’s in this climate that the tyrant emerges with the promise that he alone can deliver Shigalyov’s “unlimited freedom,” the people willingly fall into the embrace of “unlimited despotism.”