We Need to Restore The Traditional Ways of Education | Marilyn Torley | Focus Talk


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Apr 11, 2020

We Need to Restore The Traditional Ways of Education | Marilyn Torley | Focus Talk​

How much has America’s Education System changed in past 20 years? What are the impacts on teachers and students? What should real Education be like? In this episode we interviewed Dr. Marilyn Torley, a retired principal from New Jersey public school system with 25 years of experience, who shared her unique perspectives on these important questions. Dr. Torley is currently co-principal of Northern Academy at Middletown, New York.


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Dec 25, 2005
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It will be a very long time before some semblance of balance is restored in our education system. The idea that a decent education would be of benefit in the real world when one is seeking employment has been totally subjugated by those to whom the above matters far less than indoctrinating our children with their particular brand of ideology. Curriculums that once taught subjects that were of value have now been cancelled in favor of so-called subjects that have nothing to do with actually educating our children while preparing them for the real world. We are in the midst of an experiment that has devastating consequences and no good will ever come of it.

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Sep 16, 2006
Since I have retired, I continue to have contact with individuals I used to work with. Apparently, they are having difficulties in getting and keeping employees because they either leave without notice or state that they're too "stressed" - and it's funny, considering Covid that business is down 75% so the office isn't as busy as it was before I left. My friend told me that one of the individuals came to her stating how "stressed out" she was and my friends response was - lady, wait until Covid is over if you think you can't handle things now!! Since October, I believe they've gone through 6 or 8 people who decided they didn't want the job(s) because the expectation is that you not be on your cell phone texting all day when you have work to do. It must be extremely frustrating to those who work there because without the additional help, guess who has to pick up the slack? So this may be the result of their education (how hard done by everyone is) or perhaps society stating that you can do what you want without consequences. Just wondering.....
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