Trudeau Makes Good on Ethical Energy to Germany

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Sep 16, 2006
As Conservatives gather in Quebec City for their first convention with Pierre Poilievre as leader, they’re buoyed by polls showing them with a commanding lead over the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau.

After eight years of Liberal government, Canadians are smarting from soaring inflation, the high cost of everything and a divisiveness within our nation that’s fuelled by self-appointed activists telling us how to live our lives.
View attachment 19248Fresh from a visit to Beijing, Liberal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault appeared at the doorstep of Quebec City’s convention centre on Friday to crash the Conservative party’s national convention and call leader Pierre Poilievre a climate denier.

“Frankly, it’s very easy to attack Pierre Poilievre on the environment,” Guilbeault said, adding that Poilievre is “someone who claims to be a political leader in 2023 who does not even believe in climate change, who does not believe that we should be doing anything about climate change”.
It is almost impossible to raise any cautionary note on the subject of climate change without being deluged with accusations of Neanderthal obtuseness, perversity and wickedness. The facts remain that it is extremely hard to measure the temperature of the world because of the many thousands of thermometers all over the world’s surface that have to be shaded from the sun and monitored precisely over a long period. It appears that the temperature of the world has increased by approximately one centigrade degree since the late 19th century. This is within estimates of fluctuations in the climate cycle.

The Abacus Data poll found that “rising cost of living” was by far the number one issue for Canadians under 40.

Environment and climate change, a top Millennial issue when the Liberals took office, is now rapidly receding into the background. Just 23 per cent of Millennials named “climate change” as one of their top three political issues — the lowest result among any age demographic.
Everyone is opposed to pollution, but most people are also against imposing heavy and unnecessary increases in the cost of living, especially to people of modest means unable to afford it. Canada’s carbon footprint is less than two per cent (1.6%) of the world’s total and our environmental record is highly competitive.
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We have been swept up in a carnival of faddish agitation for unattainable goals in reduction of carbon emissions in pursuit of an unnecessary objective and at colossal expense and hardship to ourselves. It is a new and formidable illustration of the madness of crowds: a general hysteria that oppresses dissenters and is propagated for the most part by sincere but misguided people.

To return to Steven Guilbeault, last week in an interview with Canadian Press he deliberately misrepresented an unexceptionable statement by the chief executive officer of the large oil company, Suncor Energy, Rich Kruger, as an announcement that “he is basically disengaging from climate change and sustainability, that he is going to focus on short-term profit, it’s all the wrong answers.”

It is also not what he said, but the minister took it as a pretext to justify an artificial cap on oil and gas emissions. He proposes deliberate reductions in oil and gas production, reducing the profits of Canadian energy companies, increasing the cost of gasoline and home heating fuel for Canadians, and replacing artificially depressed Canadian production with costly imports from countries not tormented by such nostrums, some of them politically disreputable despotisms.

The oil and gas industry produces about 10 per cent of Canada’s GDP. We should maximize production and exports and supply our Western oil to Eastern Canada. Canada would perform an inestimable service to the world if it led a revolt against the fetishistic and idolatrous pursuit of an impossible goal based on false climate terror, while zealously protecting our environment.
Since when has climate NOT changed? OMG and he's the environment minister? What an idiot. Apparently, he figures that the climate should be the same everywhere, every day of the year.

Climate changes constantly & no amount of money will change that. But it's actually not about climate at all. It's all about government control in absolutely every facet of your life.
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Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
Back in 2015, most of the developed world set 2050 as a goal for converting passenger cars, vans and pickups to all electric. Then in 2019, the Trudeau Liberals tried to outbid the rest of the Western world by self-imposing a 2035 end date for the internal combustion engine.
Liberal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault doubled down recently, insisting there would be no special deals for Alberta or Saskatchewan in federal environmental plans. If the regs ruin those provinces’ economies and cause mass unemployment, so be it.
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Aug 13, 2022
Not seeing the point. Ammonia is comparatively slow burning. Which might be alright in large slow turning engines, but not for cars.