The Smoking Gun.........


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Jul 25, 2002
Cyberm4n said:
You can still vote and you should still vote it makes a lot of difference if you vote, maybe then the libbies shouldnt get power.

Of course as Canadians we should get out and exercise our democratic rights. Further to that I would like to see proportional representation. That would go a long way to cleaning up politics and level the playing field between the corporate pandering parties and the lesser knowns - the CAP! 8)


Mar 24, 2002
Back to the topic...

I truly believe Iraq got rid of what was the so-called threat. The UN found nothing, and most americans call them a failure because of that. This war was just a way to get control of another 10% of the world's oil supply. To those that don't know how much that is.... It's really a lot. An amazingly large amount of oil.

I believe Syria is on their 'want' list because of their proximity to Israel. Not only are they probably a home to Palestinian refugees (real refugees, not what our government claims to be refugees)... But they are bordering Israel and possibly a future threat.

Alright.. So what if they attack and conquer Syria? Just another step in becoming the dominant power in yet another part of the world. It's also another step in globalization, and world domination. Who's next after Syria? Well, Syria might be second, but they don't like Iran either.

I think the smoking gun is just an imaginary object created by Americans to justify attacking small and very weak countries.... Especially those with resources they Americans need.