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Jan 26, 2017

Yes- the situation IS MESSY with that Russian broad! The Russian security people certainly WERE INTERESTED IN HER

and in her new hubby as well! There is VALID REASON to suspect that various foreign govts have identified LAX Cdn immigration law

with regard to spouses - as a good way to get sleeper agents into the country!

Consider this convoluted immigration MESS::::::

Here is an article illustrating LIE-beral social justice warrior MADNESS! With some comments of my own in brackets):

'I should have the right to marry and live my life' — Ontario guardian stops wedding of disabled woman

(Lets get it straight - the woman is mentally disabled and thus vulnerable to smooth talking con men!)

By Kelly Egan Post Media

Published December 6, 2019

Sherry Brachfeld is trying to get married at the end of December, but the Public Guardian is putting up roadblocks, she says.

Sherry Brachfeld had her wedding all set for Dec. 29 — the venue, the dress, the ring, a man she loved.

Then came a crashing intruder. Ontario’s Public Guardian and Trustee wants to leave her at the altar, now and possibly forever.

In a Nov. 29 letter, the state Guardian said it had “serious concerns” that Brachfeld is mentally capable of making such an important life decision and is refusing to provide documents she needs for a marriage licence.

“I should have the right to marry and live my life,” she said one day this week. “I’m a human being. I have a right to be happy.”

Brachfeld, 33, says she has a mild intellectual disability and is on the autism spectrum. She also admits to a hoarding tendency and problems with personal care — the very reasons the Public Guardian took over her affairs in 2017 from her mother, who had legally been in charge.

(If you require govt aid to make the most basic choices for your own welfare then HOW can you look after anybody else?? It is natural the woman wants a spouse but WHAT HAPPENS when she also wants a baby she is incapable of tending to?)

But Brachfeld says she’s been working on her mental health and points to her record of independence: working at Tim Hortons for 11 years; stints at Elections Canada; a couple of years on her own in Israel; moving freely about Ottawa, including going to the see the Nutcracker at the National Arts Centre on Wednesday evening.

She’s also graduated from the public school board’s Adaptive Learning Program and occasionally returned as a motivational speaker.

“I’m not crazy like they think I am.”

(That`s nice- but WHY does she still require GOVT ASSISTANCE if she is sane and competent?? And is she FIT TO JUDGE HERSELF?)

The Public Guardian, however, concludes differently. “There are serious concerns as to whether Ms. Brachfeld has the mental capacity to choose to enter into a marriage and everything that a marriage involves, including physical intimacy,” reads a letter sent to her fiancé, Jun Miyamoto.

(Ah yes- it seems that Jun might be a potential immigrant originally from an Asian country - looking for a Cdn spouse and fast track to Cdn Citizenship - and taking advantage of the mentally disabled Cdn??)

He has an interesting life story. Miyamoto, 51, was born in Japan but is now an American citizen living in Cincinnati. He has a PhD in nuclear engineering but now works as a software engineer.

He met Sherry in about 2004 while he was a research associate at Carleton University. He lived near the Brachfeld family home and the pair attended the same synagogue. Miyamoto converted to Judaism and is now an Orthodox Jew who uses the Hebrew name Yona.

A relationship developed about 15 years ago and, despite his moves to the U.S., they stayed in touch, eventually rekindling their liaison and becoming engaged in May.

Brachfeld lives in supportive housing and gets regular help from the Tamir Foundation. She says the staff at Tamir were so keen on her wedding plans they helped organize an engagement party in July, an event to which guests flew in from out of town.

(Shall we ask if Tamir staff like the idea of putting this woman in the hands of a hubby and getting her OFF their books and lowering their costs?)

(Or is there social justice idiocy at work - I think of the woman with Downs
Syndrome and a mental age of about 13 who thought it would be fun to have a baby and of course the support staff that monitor her daily were excited fo her to be pregnant - and of course her baby proved to also have Downs Syndrome - but IS IT RIGHT or fair to tax payers to create yet another generation who must have TOTAL SUPPORT for VIRTUALLY ALL NEEDS from our bankrupt govt?)

Miyamoto put down a $3,000 deposit for a downtown hotel for the wedding reception and the plans sped ahead. The esteemed Rabbi Reuven Bulka was lined up for the ceremony and a bridal shower was held.

Then reality began to sink in. The Public Guardian said it can’t formally stop Brachfeld from getting married, but it can withhold her documents and control where she lives. It also warned that her Ontario Disability Support Program payments could be cut by virtue of the marriage.

(If she is as sane and responsible as she claims - then WHY is she still getting ODSP payments and working with assisted living?? And if she is mentally challenged then WHY is her well educated nuclear scientist hubby so interested in her?? Unless he plans to use her as an easy entry to Canada - and then DUMP HER as so often happens with such fast track immigrants?)

Neither did it like the idea that Brachfeld would move out on her own — with a personal support worker Miyamoto would pay for — while he sorts out his residency and employment status in Canada, a process that could take six to 12 months.

(And WE HAVE SEEN THAT TRICK BEFORE - people swearing to take responsibility and then RENEGING and dumping their mess on govt!)

(And given the status of the Cdn nuclear industry - it might TAKE MUCH LONGER than 12 months to sort out that work option!! Cdn industry DOES NOT WANT aging workers with out of date skills - which is why that British Company is now running the Bruce nuclear power station - using mainly retired sailors from MODERN nuclear submarine programs!)

“They’re not letting me try,” said Brachfeld. “I feel like I’m being degraded, I’m being put down.”

The Public Guardian did not respond to comment requests from this newspaper.

(No - and there is NO politically correct LIE-beral answer available!)

Miyamoto, meanwhile, wonders whether they are holding Sherry to a behaviour standard that a so-called “normal” person would not be subject to.

“What does competence and incompetence mean? It can be defined in different ways,” he said this week.

(If he does not understand “incompetence” then he is LIVING the definition!)

“They are deciding her future based on what they know now. They’re not giving her a chance to improve. They’re making an assumption that she will stay that way forever.”

(One does not “improve” from brain damage!)

Rabbi Bulka sympathizes with the couple but, based on the Guardian’s position, can’t legally marry them. He says he “defers” to the expert opinion that Sherry is not ready for this step right now. After all, he says, the government guardian has a responsibility to ensure its charges are not put in harmful situations.

“She’s a lovely kid,” he said. “I think it’s a hard call.”

The Public Guardian has given the couple a couple of options, both involving hiring a lawyer: a court order declaring her competent to be married or an order that terminates the Guardian’s role altogether.

So now the couple is reassessing.

(“Reassessing” might be code word for the guy looking for another quick wife?)

“This has caused a lot of stress and anxiety but Yona can see that I’ve been able to cope with it and manage,” said Sherry. ”I love Yona very much. I tried to tell them that.”

Brachfeld feels strongly that she needs to speak up for other disabled people, who are so often treated differently.

(Oh gosh - is it NOT FAIR to treat people differently if they have brain damage and are unable to care properly for themselves?)

“I’m doing this for myself and for all the people out there who are not able to speak for themselves.”

(Uh huh - sounds like the poverty pimps and social justice radicals have been coaching her!)


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Jan 26, 2017
What a surprise .

Considering the kind of people who use those shelters there is NO SURPRISE that Wuhan Virus would get in!

We must recall that black guy who was probably a Nigerian illegal who became NOTORIOUS LAST WINTER

in Toronto for dumping buckets of SH+T on peoples heads!

And the guy was living in a shelter and NOBODY NOTICED THE ODOUR coming from the BUCKET OF SH+T

he was keeping under his bed! How BAD does that make the air quality in a shelter?

In other news - I got a laugh out of the comment in the Sun report quoting a shelter worker stating :

"We cannot leave out hand sanitizer for the clients to clean themselves because they prefer to drink it"!

Oh well - just the madness of our times!


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Jan 26, 2017


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Jan 26, 2017
Will you be a ranting fool the rest of your life?

Will your judgement and moral compass always be so INACCURATE?

I would be more worried about your opinion if you were FIT TO JUDGE!

Here is an article explaining the hypocritical lip service LIE-berals are giving to their claims of tightening the border and restricting illegals! With some comments of my on in brackets):

Fewer than 10 asylum seekers sent back to U.S. since Canadian border shutdown: Blair

By Staff at The Canadian Press. Posted April 20, 2020 5:11 pm.
Updated April 21, 2020 7:10 am

The federal public safety minister says fewer than 10 asylum seekers have been turned back to the U.S. since the historic shutdown of the border.

Bill Blair provided the figure to the House of Commons today, noting it has been almost a month since the Canada-U.S. border closed to all but non-essential travel to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

(So the thousands of illegals who arrived here in previous months ARE NOT being sent home! LIE-berals REMAIN DETERMINED to KEEP all those newly arrived future LIE-beral supporters - regardless of cost or logic!)

The deal struck by the two countries included a provision that those crossing between formal border points in order to seek asylum would also be turned back.

(LIE-berals have FREQUENTLY DEMONSTRATED their contempt for standard immigration rules!)

Figures published today by the Immigration Department suggest, however, that the flow of people prior to that remained relatively steady.

The RCMP intercepted 930 people crossing irregularly in Canada in March, down from 1,002 the same month last year.

So far this year, 3,035 people have been intercepted crossing between formal border points, up from 2,698 in the first three months of 2019.

(So in spite of that ALLEGED AGREEMENT to restrict illegal border crosser`s - the numbers are virtually UNCHANGED from the same time last year! Yet LIE-berals are OUTRAGED that Trump would suggest sending troops to the border area to round up illegals and other UNKNOWN security threats prowling BOTH SIDES of the border areas!)

(And of course LIE-berals DO NOT CARE TO DISCUSS OR INTERFERE WITH the smuggling of guns and illegal aliens and cigarettes and other items being conducted on the Mohawk native reserves along the border!)

(Our idiot Boy has also been STRANGELY SILENT on the decision made by Quebec premier Legault to send POLICE to patrol the Cdn side of the border to intercept illegals who may be carrying Wuhan Virus! But as we KNOW - LIE-berals derive HUGE voter support from Quebec - thus sneering at Quebec provincial efforts to block Wuhan Virus carrying illegals IS NOT in the best interests of LIE-beral party!)

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May 27, 2007
Northern Ontario,
Thank you for your stupid post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 9, 2004

The out of touch mainstream media are sneering at your concerns again.

Mainstream commentators say I am wrong to highlight what is going on. They are out of touch, not me.



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Jan 26, 2017

The out of touch mainstream media are sneering at your concerns again.

Mainstream commentators say I am wrong to highlight what is going on. They are out of touch, not me.

Are you connected to the Epoch Times in some fashion?

If so it would explain why the issue that showed up in my mail was SUCH A NON EVENT AND TOTAL YAWN!


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Jan 26, 2017

Yes.........Iranian bullies beating on people and chucking them into freezing cold and fast flowing mountain rivers!

Yet LIE-berals think that such people are EXACTLY the sort of kind and compassionate and tolerant immigrants

that will build the ideal LIE-beral version of Canada for them!

Not to mention how Iranian immigrants can help us ease into the ongoing warfare across much of the planet

between Sunni and Shia fighters!


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Sep 23, 2015
Sure, clean them out of hong kong and then trap them in the democratic republik of Kanada.


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Oct 26, 2009
Sudanese refugee kills French immigration official after asylum request rejected
Author of the article:


Publishing date:
Feb 19, 2021 • 3 hours ago • 1 minute read

Police car in France. Photo by philipimage /iStock / Getty Images
Article content
PARIS — A Sudanese refugee stabbed and killed an employee at a centre for asylum seekers in the southern French city of Pau on Friday after his request for political asylum was rejected, authorities said.
A police source said the Sudanese asylum seeker killed the director of the centre by stabbing him repeatedly in the throat. The assailant had arrived in France five years ago and had committed acts of violence with a knife in 2017, the source said.

“This is a terrible drama, all the more so because the victim spent his entire professional life helping migrants and asylum seekers,” Pau mayor Francois Bayrou said on France Bleu radio.
“The man’s asylum request had been rejected, and for good reasons. He then turned against the head of the service, this is extreme and absurd violence,” said Bayrou, adding that the suspect had previously spent time in jail.
The police source said the assailant’s demand for political asylum had been rejected but that it was not clear whether this was the motive for the murder. It was also unclear whether it was the head of the centre who had notified him of his request being rejected on Friday morning.
French media reported that the alleged assailant had been arrested.
French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin was heading to the asylum seekers centre in Pau and was expected to speak to reporters later on Friday.