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Mar 24, 2002
Since I've completely revamped the home page, I've also put a lot of work into organizing articles submitted by members which cover a lot of different topics. The great thing about the forums is we can discuss opinions openly and talk about what's going on with current events. This idea makes it a bit better formatted to present a full piece.

So if you have some information you'd like the share in the form news releases, political commentary, have some news-bytes you think others might be interested in or simply want to post a review of some type (I've been doing some tech stuff under pen names), please let me know!

Here's what submitting an article looks like:

and here's what an article can look like:

Canada becoming cybercrime haven
Playstation still down, time for users to migrate?
Pirate Party plans to offer Canadians VPN service
The Addicts Debris Field
Justice Mocked

The difference between a forum thread and an article posted on the home page is that articles are organized and formatted better and they usually get more traffic. I also put many hours developing the system to be completely integrated into the forums so comments are created in a thread like this.

You also don't have to be linked to your forum username, and can simply choose a pen name.

I want to start out with members who have been around for a while so I can get the bugs sorted out. If you've ever wanted to give back to CC, joining in on this project would be appreciated by yours truly.

edit: wow. this is a good sign for an announcement. This is CC's 100,000th thread! (Look at the url)
ps. Please don't reply to this thread.. Just vote and if applicable, pm me!


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Oct 5, 2020
Passionate about a subject

You should be able to edit the title of your post, I think, so put the date in the title, just as I did on this post.

You cant change the date of the post if you just add to the original post, because it counts that as an edit to the original post, not a new post, so change the date in the title, and add your post to the end of the thread, and that should do it for you.