Objection to some astronomers.

Torch light

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Dec 4, 2017
I'll remind you of yours. Female genital mutilation, tossing gay people off of tall buildings, beheading those who have the temerity to believe something else. murdering people by the hundreds in their church, destroying ancient monuments and cultural sites, flying airliners into skyscrapers, murdering women for wearing the wrong colour tent, joining the SS in WW2, the Grand Mufti taking part in the Holocaust, etc etc.

Well Europe and Asia are one landmass called Eurasia soo...

Yep, keeping the commercial shipping lanes clear of assholes.

He says as islamic mutts refuse to be confined to their region and commit mass murder on peaceful people all over the world.
So you are a Jew. the hater of Islam and Muslims.
And while all these are lies, I'll not reply to your bubbling.