Legault describes EMSB as 'disconnected' and 'radical' after Bill 96 challenge details revealed

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May 20, 2007
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I disagree with Legault! It’s not the EMSB school board that’s radical, but the CAQ for trying to deny basic fundamental rights to English speakers living in Quebec via bill 96.

Legault just doesn’t get it. Fundamental human rights supersede any language rights. Always. The right to receive health care in English is far more important than the right of a doctor to work in French. The right to argue my case in English in a court of law supersedes the right of any lawyer or judge to work in French.

The entire country needs to let Quebec know that linguistic discrimination which violates the civil rights of English speaking Quebeckers is completely unacceptable.

The Supreme Court needs to address this issue ASAP.

Quebec Premier François Legault publicly suggested Tuesday that the English Montreal School Board had become a “radical” organization after it was reported the school commission wants the federal government to refer Quebec’s reform of provincial language laws to the Supreme Court.

The English-language school board wants to challenge Bill 96, the Legault government’s overhaul of Quebec’s French language law that includes the recognition of French as the province’s official language and the constitutional recognition of Quebec as a “nation.” The board is calling upon the federal government to refer the legislation to the Supreme Court of Canada to test its legality.

Legault describes the EMSB as disconnected and radical