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Oct 26, 2009
Bumbling Biden dragged off stage by Obama at glitzy fundraiser

Author of the article:Mark Daniell
Published Jun 17, 2024 • Last updated 1 day ago • 4 minute read

In a viral video from his star-studded campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles Saturday night, Joe Biden appeared to freeze up in front of A-list names like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack Black, Barbra Streisand and more before Barack Obama was forced to step in to lead the U.S. president off the stage.

Biden, 81, took part in a 40-minute conversation with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and former President Obama as the trio sounded the alarm over the possible re-election of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I could have done nothing and done it better than him,” Biden swiped, taking direct aim at his opponent, whom he will debate later this month.

“Institutions matter. What he did on January 6th, and now he’s literally saying if he doesn’t win there’ll be a bloodbath. It’s outrageous – what he’s talking about is outrageous,” Biden said.

Biden later added: “The idea that he’s actually threatened retribution. This is the United States of America. Did you ever think you’d ever, ever, ever hear anything like this?”

The president also mocked Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Remember the pandemic?” Biden asked the crowd. “He said, ‘Just don’t worry. Just inject a little bleach.’”

“It worked for me,” Kimmel, who referred to Trump as the “orange Julius Caesar,” quipped in response.

Obama took aim at Trump’s felony convictions in his recent hush money trial tied to allegations that he falsified business records to cover up payments to porn star Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 election.

“Part of what has happened over the last several years is we’ve normalized behaviour that used to be disqualifying,” Obama said. “The nominee of one of the two major parties, sitting in court and being convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts … There was a time when we had certain core values that we agreed with. We believed in basic honesty. We believed in paying your taxes. We believed in making sure that we didn’t make fun of [prisoners of war], that we did not try to politicize our military, that we respected the ballot.”

But at the end of their appearance together, Biden appeared to become fixated on the crowd before Obama gently took his wrist and led him off the stage.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Chris Gardner shared a clip, which has garnered more than 1.6 million views on X, writing: “That’s a wrap on record-setting Democratic fundraiser for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign (netting $28M). Former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden offer final waves to Peacock Theater crowd as Obama then grabs Biden’s hand to lead him offstage following 40-minute conversation with Jimmy Kimmel.”

Critics of Biden pounced on the clip, with the conservative @endwokeness account asking: “Biden froze again last night and had to get escorted out by Obama. Is this normal?”

“So embarrassing,” British journalist Piers Morgan observed. “The Democrats can’t let this go on, surely?”

Morgan also agreed with billionaire Bill Ackman, who questioned whether Biden should continue to lead America in his perceived diminished state.

“Some people are old at 81 and others are sharp, vigorous, and impressive. Compare Warren Buffett at 93 and Biden at 81. Biden is an old 81 who can’t find his way off a stage or stay present and focused at a G7 conference,” Ackman wrote. “A president should not have to be led off stage by hand or with an arm wrapped around him. That is not the image of strength and leadership we need as a country.”

Ackman warned that the Democratic party is damaging itself if it continues to support the idea of another Biden presidency.

“The Democratic Party is destroying itself by advancing Biden for a second term. This is the Emperor’s New Clothes in real life. But it is not a children’s book or a joke. The world is at great risk, and a Biden second term is a grave threat to global security and prosperity.”

Trump himself posted the clip to his Truth Social page and asked his followers, “Is this really who you want to be your President?”

But White House senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates dismissed critics of Biden, writing that he was simply basking in all the attention.

“By pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong, all they’re really admitting is – once again – is they can’t take on the leadership that’s fueling the strongest economic growth in the world & bringing violent crime to a 50 year low,” Bates shared in an X post.

Biden’s fundraiser took in a record $30 million-plus for the Democratic candidate, according to his campaign.

But the clip follows several other recent moments where Biden has appeared to be confused about where he is and what is going on around him.

At last week’s G7 summit in Italy, Biden seemed to wander off at one point.

“From Italy to the United Kingdom to New York, millions of people around the world woke up to headlines about Crooked Joe Biden’s cognitive decline on full display at the G7 Summit,” Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said in a statement. “Biden was seen staring off into the distance and wandering around like a brain-dead zombie, and even had to be ushered by Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.”

One diplomatic insider told the U.K. Sun the commander-in-chief’s behaviour is “the worst he has ever been.”

Similarly, during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House earlier this month, Biden was filmed standing still while the crowd surrounding him, including Vice President Kamala Harris, clapped, danced and sang along.

“Lights are on but no one’s home,” Trump’s campaign joked as it shared video from the moment.

“Who said Biden’s got no rhythm?” Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee wrote piling on.


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Oct 26, 2009
Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint during Biden’s Los Angeles trip, police say
Author of the article:Associated Press
Associated Press
Jaimie Ding
Published Jun 18, 2024 • 1 minute read

LOS ANGELES — A U.S. Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint as President Joe Biden was visiting Los Angeles for a fundraising event over the weekend, officials said.

The agent was returning from work Saturday night when he was accosted in a residential community in Tustin, about an hour’s drive southeast of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Secret Service.

Someone called the Tustin Police Department shortly after 9:30 p.m. to report the robbery. Police said the agent had his bag stolen at gunpoint. The agent, who was not injured, fired his gun during the confrontation, police said. The Secret Service said they did not know if anyone was shot.

Tustin Police said Monday they had not found a suspect. Officers did find some of the agent’s stolen belongings in the area. Police reported a silver Infiniti FX35 was seen leaving the scene.

Biden and former President Barack Obama held a star-studded fundraising event in Los Angeles on Saturday that brought in more than $30 million for Biden’s reelection campaign.
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Oct 26, 2009
Biden's event briefings include instructions on how to enter, exit rooms: Report
Author of the article:Denette Wilford
Published Jul 08, 2024 • Last updated 11 hours ago • 2 minute read

U.S. President Joe Biden urged congressional Democrats on Monday to stop calling for him to drop his candidacy as the intraparty drama “only helps (Donald) Trump and hurts us.”

It might be one of the most coherent things he has said in recent days, given how Trump, the former GOP president, has pretty much laid low as Biden torpedoes his hopes of re-election.

Given how unpredictable the president can be, his staffers have reportedly prepared him with meticulous details in large-size font on how to enter and exit fundraiser spaces.

Aides created a document, obtained by Axios, that said in big, bold letters, “Walk to podium.” The document, which contains the White House insignia, also includes photos showing an unblocked pathway leading to the podium.

Some Democrats who have attended or helped set up events for Biden in recent months wondered whether this was an attempt by staff to obscure the limitations of the 81-year-old president.

“I staffed a simple fundraiser at a private residence, but they treated it like it was a NATO summit with his movements,” one person told the website.

The latest document, a five-pager reportedly given to staffers to help assist the president, includes basic information and images including a large picture of an event space with notes that said, “View from podium” and “View from audience,” Axios reported.

However, the document containing excessive particulars is normal, a White House staffer told Fox News.

“High levels of detail and precision are critical to presidential advance work — regardless of who is president — and these are basic approaches that are used by any modern advance team, including the vice-president’s office and agencies,” White House senior deputy press secretary and deputy assistant to the president Andrew Bates said in a statement.

“These documents are standard logistical briefing materials and photos for any principal including the vice-president,” Kamala Harris’ communications director Kirsten Allen added.

However, a White House official told Axios that the documents are a part of “advance teams work” and can be a little questionable to someone not familiar with detailed materials such as this.

But it appears that did not seem to help Biden an event at a Philadelphia church over the weekend.

The president gave a speech to attendees at Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ, telling them it is his goal to “unite America again.”

However, at one point, Biden continues sitting and appears to be in a lengthy trance even after the pastor instructs everyone to stand.

The campaign stop was one of several in Pennsylvania over the weekend.
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