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Oct 9, 2004
What's this? People posting about dangerous stuff?

There's nothing quite so dangerous as me going up to my boss, who is a Maori (yes, my boss at Ultra Finishing here in Greater Manchester is a Maori), a couple of weeks ago and telling him that the All Blacks are overrated and aren't going to get far in this World Cup and that England are going to win it. I thought he was going to perform a Haka and then physically destroy me.

Instead, all that happened was, of course, that New Zealand play holders South Africa in the Final tomorrow night in Paris and are the strong favourites.

My one consolation is that England beat Argentina 26-23 in tonight's Third Place Play-off to finish third.

Never tell a Maori that the All Blacks aren't going to win the Rugby World Cup - especially if the Maori is your boss at work. Maybe that's why I've been order picking heavy bulk orders over the last fortnight.