For 2nd straight month, Sask. only province to see employment gains, lowest unemployment in country: StatsCan


The Central Scrutinizer
Nov 21, 2008
Moccasin Flats
Saskatchewan was the only province in Canada to record an increase in employment for the second month in a row, according to Statistics Canada's labour force report for May. In total, the province added 4,100 jobs last month.

According to the May report, released Friday, the number of people working in Saskatchewan rose by 0.7 per cent from April. Meanwhile, across the country employment was down by 68,000 jobs, or 0.4. per cent from April.

Saskatchewan's unemployment rate fell from 6.6 per cent in April to 6.3 per cent in May — the lowest rate in Canada.

Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison says the province's approach to COVID-19 restrictions throughout the pandemic and its "strong economy" are to thank for the job growth and unemployment rate.

"There are going to be month-to-month fluctuations. There always are," Harrison said Friday.

"But I think the the overall macro picture of a strong base to go from — lowest unemployment rate in the in the country — coupled with what is going to be very strong private sector investment into the province, is going to mean that we have an improving jobs picture going forward."

According to Statistics Canada, there were employment increases in the transportation, warehousing, retail trade, information, and culture and recreation sectors.

Growth in private sector​

Since April, three major agriculture processing plants have announced they're coming to Regina. A fourth is coming into Northgate, about 275 kilometres south of the city, near the U.S. border.

Three companies — Ceres Global Ag Corp., Viterra and Cargill — plan canola crushing plants. Red Leaf Pulp Limited has announced plans for a facility to processes wheat straw.

Hundreds of new permanent full-time jobs are expected to be created, along with construction jobs.

"Not to mention the fact that you have the construction season here in the province, which is gearing up, whether it be highway or other construction projects," Harrison said.

Recent jobs data suggests that Saskatchewan can continue to expect the lowest unemployment jurisdictions in the country for the foreseeable future, he said.