Fight Climate Change, Not Wars For Oil


Council Member
Jun 27, 2004
No War, No Warming, Rise Up! [By Ted Glick]


This humanist movement is resonating with people more and more. Supporters of it see climate change as a very real threat, much more a threat than terrorism.

America could be reducing emissions of carbon dixide instead of fighting in Iraq. There is apparently more than enough government money to help energy companies set up renewable energy systems to replace dirty coal-fired electrical plants, and to switch over to alternative energy transportation too.

"No War, No Warming" supporters see the brutal Iraq war - a war that is supposed to protect America from terrorism that doesn't seem to even be a threat at all with no attacks on American mainlands since 9/11 - as a useless exersize, possibly worse than useless in that it has done what many knew it would - stirred up more resentment.

On top of that, the Iraq war is widely seen as a "war for oil" - Enron is Bush's biggest supporter and they have invested billions of dollars in trying to secure Arab and Caspian oil and gas, and the pipeline routes through Afghanistan and other Arab lands. Now they are talking about invading Pakistan, one of the final links in securing the routes for all that oil and gas.

It is pretty obvious what they are up to.

It seems so useless and wastefull to go through all this killing and spending on something that will need to be replaced soon anyhow. The 'war machine' itself is burning up huge amounts of fossil fuels, creating excessive emissions just to get the oil Bush wants for America.

The links above tell of a growing frustration in the public, and some are calling for an uprising. It may be necessary to 'rise up' - to save ourselves from global warming and warmongering.