Eight teenage girls charged with murder in stabbing death of 59-year-old Toronto man: police


House Member
Aug 9, 2022
“They are human beings. They deserve to live in the city like everyone else,” she said.
But they don't live in the city like everyone else. Everyone else doesn't sleep in front of people's businesses, forcing customers to step over them. Everyone else doesn't leave needles everywhere. Everyone else doesn't take a dump in the middle of a public area. Everyone else respects other people's use of public property. Everyone else doesn't ask passerby's for money or try to sell them drugs. Everybody else doesn't build tent cities that take over public areas that are supposed to be for everyone and then turn them into fire traps and sewage farms. Everyone else doesn't commit property crimes to fuel their habits.

I don't think there'd be any problem if they actually lived in the city like everyone else.

And say what you like, that is GOING to piss many people off, and when all they hear about is how the homeless people have rights but they, who pay their way and earn what they have, don't have any rights then there's going to be some serious resentment.

Look at what's happening in san francisco right now. Nobody wants that in their city. So as the homeless population grows so will resentment and violence and hatred will grow right along with that.

Simply telling people they're bad people for their resentment is just going to make it worse. It won't do a damn thing to make it better. And ignoring other people's right to free use and enjoyment of the public and private spaces THEY PAID FOR while claiming the rights of the homeless isn't going to win any friends for the homeless either.