Dear President Trump


Wild Rose Country!
Sep 6, 2008
Dear President TRUMP,


Seriously. Get your millions, your family, your belongings....and go.

GO to an Island. Take the yacht! Go ENJOY the fabulous life you can have.

Drink margaritas, hang out in the sand and live a luxurious life. Do what people WISH they could do.

You took no pay. You’re over worked and under appreciated.

LEAVE. Watch this country loose everything. Sit back and laugh at what the American people have done. They’ve let lies, corruption and fake media ruien this country....and those same people will regret this decision.

I would. I’d take my life and go live it to the fullest and watch everyone live the next four years in regret.

You’ve worked tirelessly throughout these four years trying to end this corruption and honesty, people won’t know what they have until it’s gone.

So, just leave.