Coverage for HIV Prevention


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Dec 3, 2008
New Brunswick

Cause killing people by denying them health care is okay.

Bit more in depth.

"MARTINEZ: On those implications, tell us more about how other services or medications might be impacted.

MARTINEZ-BELTRAN: Well, the ruling took aim at a popular provision of the Affordable Care Act, which mandates free coverage of many preventive services, including birth control, breast cancer and heart disease screenings and vaccines. And that's because Judge O'Connor also ruled that the panel of experts who help decide what preventive services needed to be covered by health insurers were actually appointed unconstitutionally. So this ruling could jeopardize many other types of health care, like cancer screenings, that people depend on. You know, in fact, the American Medical Association estimates that just in 2020, more than 151 million people received free preventive care because of this mandate in the ACA."