Bridge Collapse in Baltimore.

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Mar 4, 2009
It's all OK the Chinese can install something suitable in a few months-nothing too extravagant though because the yanks can't afford it.

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Aug 14, 2020
Apparently the ship lost power and they knew they were in trouble. Unfortunate for the maintenance crew that was caught on the bridge. Traffic had been halted.


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Oct 26, 2009
Toronto trucker on bridge just before collapse, too close for comfort

Author of the article:Joe Warmington
Published Mar 26, 2024 • Last updated 1 day ago • 3 minute read

Just hours before a cargo ship crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, Toronto trucker Benjamin J. Dichter was on that bridge.

For Toronto trucker Benjamin J. Dichter, it was A Bridge too Close as opposed to one too far.

But this was no movie like the 1970s classic about the allied efforts to liberate The Netherlands during the Second World War.

This was real life.

Just hours before a cargo ship crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse, Dichter was on that very bridge. Picking up and dropping off loads while driving his rig between Washington and Baltimore, he had marvelled at how interesting the bridge looked.

“I saw that a lot of money had been put into this bridge and I had a feeling I should take a picture of it,” he told The Toronto Sun. “I have my cellphone fixed on the dash of the truck and there was a good view.”

After the collapse, Dichter posted to X, “the bridge was great earlier today and one of cleaner ones, looked like it had massive revitalization. Hope everyone is OK. The 2nd big bullet (dodged) by just a few hours in the last few years. 1) Baltimore bridge collapse. 2) Danforth Shooting.”

Earlier Tuesday on the popular Marc Patrone Morning Show on SAUGA 960 radio, he said never in a million years did he think that just hours later there would be such a horrific catastrophe.

As of Tuesday evening, six people were missing and presumed dead, after a cargo ship lost power and rammed into the bridge, plunging it into the river in a terrifying collapse, according to the Associated Press.

“My heart goes out to those families of the missing,” said Dichter.

It’s not lost on him that if the timing had been a little different, it could have been him, as well. It was too close for comfort.

“You just never know,” Dichter said, adding he had a similar twist of fate at the time of the July 2018 Danforth Ave. shooting, which left two victims dead and 13 others injured. He was supposed to meet friends at a cafe which was targeted by the gunman, but postponed the plan at the last minute.

“It’s scary,” said the author of Honking for Freedom, a popular book detailing the inside story of the 2022 Freedom Convoy protest of which he was a leader.

He doesn’t see a book or movie, however, with this tragedy in Maryland. Unlike many who are suggesting there may have been something nefarious involved in the collapse, Dichter said he just doesn’t see it.

“To me, it just looks like a tragic accident,” said Dichter.

While he has seen and heard such online discussions — as some compared the mishap to the vandalism attack by environmentalists on a Coastal Gaslink pipeline work camp in B.C. or the blowing up of the Nord Steam pipeline under the Baltic Sea between Russia and Germany — Dichter said he’s seen no evidence to draw such dramatic conclusions.

“Today, too many of us are quick to jump to conclusions, attributing abnormalities and accidents to conspiracy theories centred on national security threats or inside jobs,” he said. “I believe this tendency is a by-product of our current era, where our political class consistently behave as Neville Chamberlain in its approach to the crucial issues of our time.”

On an X space Tuesday, Dichter was on stage with a ship’s pilot, who explained it from the point of view of somebody who helps bring large vessels into port.

“It looks like the crew of the ship had lost control due to a mechanical failure, panicked, and lost control of the boat, evidenced by the plume of diesel smoke just before the boat hit the bridge,” said Dichter.

That said, he agreed an investigation is warranted and lessons need to be learned from the disaster.

Mostly, as he thinks of the missing construction workers or anybody else who may have been on the bridge, Dichter also reflects on how it also could have been him.
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Nov 21, 2008
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They police also had 90 seconds to close the bridge. Probably why there were no cars lost.
Weejio I watch from the harbour stream showed 2 power failures dead sticking the ship. Power came back and they threw it in full reverse spewing enough carbon to heat 50,00 igloos.

If you follow space weather, we were allegedly hit with a massive Coronal Mass Ejection with potential to fuck shit up. Did it?

Being old Im up to pee 3 times a night. Im always looking for any geomagnetic anomalies to photograph. There was zilch for auroras but definitely satellite issues yesterday.

Strongest solar storm since 2017 hits Earth but leaves aurora chasers in the dark​

By Daisy Dobrijevic
published 3 days ago
What could have been a solar storm of the decade ended up more like a storm in a teacup.
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