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Apr 13, 2014
acquihire, dox, neckbeard,
amazeballs, e-cig, olinguito,
anti-vax, FML, pharmacovigilance,
baller, fratty, pogonophobia,
air punch, hench, side boob,
bare, hexacopter, side-eye,
bedroom tax, hot diggity, SMH,
binge-watch, hot mess, spit take,
brick, hot mic, subtweet,
bro hug, humblebrag, trackback,
catfish, hyperconnected, trigger warning,
clickbait, ICYMI vape,
cord cutter, in silico,, vax,
cotch, listicle, WDYT,
cray, live-tweet, YOLO,
doncha, mansplain, zonkey,
douchebaggery, nailed on

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SMH and FML but I guess YOLO.... ICYMI


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May 31, 2007
I'm happy for Loc that douchebaggery made the cut.

hot diggity only took 60 years or so

but still, it's just a short form of the original hot diggity dawg


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Oct 9, 2004
English is a great language. It accepts all sorts of words, no matter how zany or weird they are.

It's not like those stuffy old fogies at the Académie française who run the French language, who would never in a Graham's number of years allow words into French that are anything like those words above which have entered English.

The only term of those listed above which I don't agree should enter the English language is the government's "bedroom tax". It's a phrase invented by the British left and used only by the British left to describe something which is merely a cut in housing benefit (not a tax) for those idiots who, for example, live alone in a five-bedroomed house when that house could be given over to a large family.