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    RIP George Carlin

    No I'm not kidding. Holy ****. I'm shocked and very saddened LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Comedian George Carlin, a counter-culture hero famed for his routines about drugs and dirty words, died of heart failure at a Los Angeles-area hospital on Sunday, a spokesman said. He was 71. Carlin, who had...
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    Mars is inhabited.

    Eanassir--while I don't embrace your stand on many things, including this topic, I do admire your unwavering faith. Science is nothing, emptyness, without some sort of spirituality. Ive found a way for my faith and my science to coexist meaningfully and logically. I don't sense that you have...
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    RCMP officers McLooking for Drunk Drivers

    Cops in drive-thrus look for drunk drivers By THE CANADIAN PRESS SURREY, B.C. - The next time you go to a drive-thru fast food restaurant in Surrey, B.C., it may be a Mountie who asks "You want fries with that?" In a new twist on efforts to catch impaired drivers, the RCMP is stationing...
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    Legal question

    Under what circumstances is homicide "justifiable"? If found "justifiable" does the murderer get any jail time at all?
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    Brilliantly Easy Holiday Recipes

    I use the regular cream cheese....
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    Brilliantly Easy Holiday Recipes

    Here's an easy appetizer. Ingred: raw broccoli (one head) raw carrots (a pound should do it) raw cauliflower (one head) dry ranch dressing mix 16 oz cream cheese soft large tortillas Grate veggies fine in food processor or blender and mix together with dressing mix and cream cheese. Spread...
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    nerdfest: Star Trek and the Simpsons

    Ok this is pretty geeky, especially the video, but the audio is awesome. I don't know how to save it from YouTube so here's a link
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    In what ways are you creative? All of us have some's pretty much a necessary part of life. I am a writer. I also do meditation and lucid dreaming, which allows for lots of creativity. My mom paints. My middle daughter experiments with tea (she works for Starbucks and is...
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    Anybody know seals?

    I have a report Im working on for PSICAN. The witness thinks he saw a 7 foot black seal in Lake Ontario. First, are there such things as black seals? How big do they get? Is there any remote possibility a seal could be in Lake Ontario? (Western End) I know there are ringed seals in the...
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    Riders are more than just a team

    There's a young man in SK with a brain tumor and he wanted to attend the game. The Riders accomodated him with great seats, the winning game ball, and an invite to the locker room, where they all said a prayer for him. Now the community has pulled together and funded a trip to the Cup...
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    Something Ive never done before

    I just made a small contribution to the Democrats. (don't worry honey its on MY card) Ive never contributed financially before. I just feel SO STRONGLY that we have to get the republicans out of office nationwide that I became the first contributor (for this round of donations) for my home...
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    Feeling sentimental

    A long time ago, there was a poor woman who met a rich man. Through many hardships, thier relationship grew to one of love. One day, when the poor woman was visiting the rich man's large city from her small town, they met for luch at a small English Pub called The Spotted Dick. The place was...
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    Banjos and Mandolins The Webequie Indian Reserve has started a music program and two friends of mine (RL friends, not just internet) are hoping to find a banjo and a mandolin for the program. If anyone has one, let me know and I will...
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    What do you think of this? Im not at all sure what this actually is, but if it is a real document we've got some serious thinking to do.
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    How many here use a breadmaker?

    So does the smell!