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  • Interesting, here just a short time, and ignores the only other "Injin" here, lol.
    The sticking points on FN Self Govt is what type(s)- Will it be a federation- regional - local - each band for themselves - what powers are defined as FN rights- - I see it somewhere between a Municipality and a Province.
    Join in the discussion. As Bear stated we get trolls and nutters and I do not think you fit either profile. And I like the style. Myself I enjoy a good discussion. We also have a substantial number of fine members on this forum.
    All the best to you.
    Dude, you'll have to forgive the rough ride, trolls get a raw deal here. Sometimes noobs, from a lack of etiquette, or what have you, come off as trolls.

    As people get used to your style, it's lle mellow. Unless you're a nutter, then it will only get worse, lol.

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