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  • Oh not at all Mark, I NEVER recant! lolll! Seriously tho, I was trapped in a car for an hour and a half, so I decided to surf a bit on my phone...and tried to rep you... the thumbs up and down icons are pretty tiny on a palm re, didja know that? hahaha... Tom's working on fixing the neg rep for me tho.
    oops I tried to give you a humbs up but it went awry! Sorry I'll see if Andem can change it
    Ya know, if you flipped your picture in your avatar horizontally, you would be facing the right way to fit into Che's picture. Just sayin'.
    I have to say... showing up in a thread clearly titled to be about bladder eels and saying you don't want to hear about it, is like showing up at one of my parties and acting offended at the insanity that ensues ;)
    OMG You're right! G. Gordon Liddy.....that is more scary than me with the MP
    Thanks. I had just left Montreal and was in my first cabin in the bush. Went from being an architectural draftsman to that in just a couple of years.
    wahoo! storm's over so I can close the house up and go to sleep now. Sure cooled my house off! lol. G'night
    I'm bored, and tired, and I have to stay up, so I'm going to pick on your mercilessly for hoots and giggles. lol.
    Have you invited cranky over to TPA where he can be more thoroughly, publicly, shredded? lol.
    Sorry man, that was my account. This is my book store address: Cliff Woffenden's Storefront -

    You seem to be good with a puter and graphics. You can print your own business cards, post cards, posters and book marks. That will save you a bundle.
    Hey Mark - hang in there - another shyte storm will rise up and obliterate this one soon enough.
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