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    “Climate Barbie” Catherine McKenna's luxury car spending spree

    you hypocritical tory bastards,it was fine for steve to blow a million so he could haul his fave ride half way 'round the world, christ.
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    Oil Companies Don't Advertise Like They Used To

    Remember the cool tiger toys that Esso used to give?
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    I'll Miss The Glaciers

    I'ts a shame that the world couldn't be free of small minded ****s like you two by,oh, 2020.
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    Oil Companies Don't Advertise Like They Used To

    I miss all the cool tiger stuff Esso used to give away.
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    Wai Young

    I can't sit down now, because I laughed my *** off. This is a prime example of {A} "bitches be crazy" and {B} the quality of harpers lackys. I'm going to try that sometime, lie my *** of then when someone calls me on it, just say "I misspoke" and see how it turn out, seems to work for harpers...
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    are you eating meat today?

    Yeeeir, a lovely large donair .I feel bad for the folks in the west that are denied this wonderful treat.
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    Northeast Corridor braces for 'potentially historic' snowstorm

    Y'call this a snowstorm ? when I was a lad, this would've been a flurry, they plowed the road with a Hough, speed plow wouldn't touch it
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    The world's 10 best sandwiches

    Peanut butter,banana,homade strawberry jam
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    Harper refusing to discuss climate change?

    Curmudgeon ? Is that code for f u kkin moron ?
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    Labor Day Weekend Snow Blankets Wyoming

    Re #5, I like gin and Neocitran, tastes good and works for me, cold wise.
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    The latest craze in tatoos.

    People, some people that get tats don't think about what they will look like in twenty + years. I have a coiled snake I got thirty years ago,looks like a pile of dog **** now.
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    Maple tree doping? Dangerous chemical boosts syrup harvest

    So, is it scary that farmed fish are treated with formaldehyde to get rid of fungus ?
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    Fair {????} elections act

    I can't believe that nobody has had a comment on Doogie Hausers "fair elections act". My opinion . What a crock of typical tory ****. I said a long time ago the only way the torys could win again was cheat,well they're stacking the deck. Don't give me any "link" crap,watch the news !
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    Granted,I have had limited experience drinking 'shine,but what I have had tasted like tequila,which in turn tastes like brake fluid.
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    Favorite beer(s)?

    I used to be a member of the famous Buuze for Lunch Bunch,whose motto was "if a bottle can hold it,I can drink it",but when it came to beer,I prefered India Pale ale or Pilsner.Where I was in the country dictated the brand.