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  • I don't usually do this. I always accept invitations to be friends but I never think about asking someone, but hey! we can all use more friends and I like your sense of humour and your avatar, so waddya say, Alfie?
    Stopped by to see if you'd value adding me to friend list, we may just share several political views. :fish:
    WOW! You must have gone hunting. How's the northwoods at this time of year?

    I'm munching away at my dinner: Yankee brown beans, roasted chicken, lots of spices, flat bread. Yum!!!

    And, I'm listening to Brubeck's "Take Five". Ah. there's nothing like a good, hearty dinner!

    Cheers ...
    Hey, MN! How ya doin? Dining alone: today's breakfast was venison chili, venison donated by a friend. Yum.
    Thanx DL!

    It was nice to have the day off frm work as we have so few holidays!

    Stayed home, ate and slept. But that's what the day is for.

    Hi Kreskin!

    Thanx for your concern --- I don't live anywhere near Hugo where the damage was done.

    But my boss does live there. Unfortunately, I lost his email address and cannot send him a note at the moment. Hopefully, all will be OK.

    Here in St Paul, the storminess appeared for only about 10 minutes and quickly went away.

    How lucky we are!
    :cool: i have got your answering.~~~

    thanks for your nice help~ gopher~~~~~~~

    let's me achieve it first~:smile:
    Dear gopher,
    I know your name from this forum. I hope I won't make you feel uncomfortable.
    I'm a Chinese undergraduate student who is proceeding my research paper on 'red'.
    I'm looking for some people from abroad to help me to answer the questionnaire.
    Could you do me a favor?
    It won't take you too much time, 16 questions only in two pages of A4 size paper.
    I know it may surprise you, but at this moment, I just need help.
    Because I don't have any friends abroad, nor foreign teachers in our university.
    So, I'm worrying about my paper.
    I hope you can help me out....:neutral::icon_smile:
    I'm asking all of you for help...I hope I can get your nice help...
    Yup. This is a genuinely GREAT time of year. So many great things going on all at one time: food, football, payroll bonuses, days off from work, gifts, greeting cards, good music on radio, great movies in TV, and the snow is beautiful!

    No wonder it's my favorite time of year!!:smile::smile::smile:
    Have a great Christmas Gopher and I hope the new year brings good fortune and much happiness.
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