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  • I was just not in the mood to take anyone's crap... lol. Not usual for me. Ah well.

    So the crazed hours end Friday? That's good to hear. No one can maintain that crazy pace for ever.
    lol... oh boy... don't read my posts today, I'm in a fightin' mood. How are you today?
    Thanks for your kind words. I'm going to bow out having said what I needed to say now, and take my 'getting grumpier about it by the second' behind off the net for a while. lol. Take care!
    well, to ask for anything more would be condoning adultery, and I'm too angelic for that.
    Oh ya, so it's food your after. Typical. :roll:

    I'd love to cook for you any time Karrie. :smile:
    lol... nope, never have had the pleasure. Send me a round trip ticket though and I'll come let you cook anything you like for me. lol. ;-)
    scezchuan? Really? You don't think that might be a little hotter than you can handle? :angryfire:
    well sure, you could take it as a complement. Or a threat. That all depends. Considering that you're the honey mustard meant for dipping things into. 8O
    There we go, I got the pics up finally. Sorry it took so long, but, like I said in the one post, I realized how much better the pics would be once I finished shingling the roof this weekend. :smile:
    Are you trying to get me to run away with you? Because it's starting to work ya know... you just may have a stray sleeping by your pond when you get up for morning coffee if you're not careful.
    So, everytime I'm out working in my yard, as beautiful as it looks, I can't help but wish I had a beautiful pond like yours ya know. You've ruined my yard for me. lol. You should post some pics for us, show us how it's looking this year.
    Many thanks for your opinion, I try my best.
    LOL.. so, what I'm hearing is, you're just generally into the whole yummy mummy scene? That's very cool ;-)
    Hey there eh1 - good thing I occasionally prowl around in other places since our Birthday announcer is kaput! so Happy Birthday! Hope it's been a good one. Since I'm on a roll with the boob pics today, I may as well stay with the theme ;-)
    Thank you for being you today eh1 - I was surrounded by chivalry and it took the sting out of the rest of it. *hug*
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