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    Election day

    Trudeau will now stay in power, my bet is for almost four more years. Jagmeet will defend him (JT) because it gives him (Jagmeet) a lot of power which he could not get any other way. So it’s a comfortable set up with Jagmeet and Trudeau running the country. So it’s all done for four more years...
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    Election day

    Looks like the The West does not count for much. It’s all over except for the crying.
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    Election day

    Yeah but, remember, he lost Quebec and he lost the government.
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    Election day

    Yep, a lotta seats in Quebec, you need Quebec to get elected.
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    Election day

    Not too much change in results so far.
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    PPC Surging in polls, threatening NDP for 3rd place

    The PPC will never amount to much, they are just a junior protest party. It’s unfortunate that they are getting enough recognition to be a spoiler for the conservatives.
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    2021 Election - Debates

    I don’t think these debates help one to make a decision on who they are going to vote for, these debates are only a media show. To decide on who will make the best PM requires one to listen to a number of interviews and assess the candidates on their polices/views and then one can see if they...
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    People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier egged at campaign event

    I didn’t say I was voting for him, all I was saying is that everyone is free to express their opinion in this country and you are free to listen to it or to ignore it but you are not free to assault someone because you do not agree with him. Maybe you have to brush up on your reading skills eh!!
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    People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier egged at campaign event

    The egger should have been caught and charged. We have laws in this country, and everyone is free to express their opinion.
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    ‘Be ready for Aug. 8’: some senior Liberals expect to kick off federal election campaign in a week

    Although it would be good to dump Trudeau, in reality I don’t see a need to hold an election at this time. We had an election and the people decided to give the Libs a minority government, nothing has changed much since the last election. If Trudeau asks the GG to call an election, the GG...
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    Toronto Housing Protest: We're fighting for better, cheaper housing!

    I don’t see much wrong with what is happening in the housing market. I don’t see anything wrong with investors buying units for rental, rental units are required and if it eventually turns out that there are too many rental units on the market, the rental rates will go down, nothing wrong with...
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    Honest Government Ad | Visit Hawai'i!

    Without the US Gov taking over Hawaii, it would have remained a shithole, or worse yet, it would have been overtaken by another foreign unfriendly country.
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    Quebec Launching Vaccine Lottery

    It’s that simple. If you are not born in Quebec to French nationals then you are a second class citizen. Accept it or move out. It’s that simple.
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    Everybody serves themselves first, you always look after number one. But I think it’s more accurate to say that white people chose to work with those who offered them the best service for the price paid.
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    Balderdash!!! If Natives are victims, then they have themselves to blame. It’s high time they started pulling their own weight to look after themselves, the Whiteman has given them more than enough tools to be able to look after themselves. But they have chosen to adopt the culture that they...