5 Canadians Killed In Afghanistan

So can I post the pics of woman getting buried up to their necks and getting stoned to death then under Taliban Sharia law?
Fair is fair,my evidence will speak for itself.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
lone wolf
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Oh you know a lot , I didn't realize you fought in Afghanistan.

Only the players have changed....
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No head games eh? What do you call the necessity to have the last word?

You tell me,I could care less who gets the last word unless it's a disscussion where someone gets schooled and cant deal with it,maybe thats what you mean.
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So can I post the pics of woman getting buried up to their necks and getting stoned to death then under Taliban Sharia law?
Fair is fair,my evidence will speak for itself.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I understand your viewpoint, Kakato. However, the Taliban don't have a monopoly on violence or injustice. Anyone who supports violence and injustice should witness what they support. I wouldn't directly post pictures, but reference links to pictures and post warnings in capitals. The individual must choose to be a witness.

I believe in non-violence. I also support being informed. A website called "The Nausea" also has this mission:

"The nausea" is a non-profit project of different individuals all over the world. This is NOT a "politically correct" web.

We do not share any particular political tendency except our rejection to violence in every way.

We believe that getting close to first degree violence will avoid any patriotic or romantic fantasy about war.

Children DO NOT have any nationality. They should not suffer. Their lives, our lives can never be replaced.

We are not against any nationality but just against people that are able to handle a weapon against another human being or making economic profit out of it.

We are against the military that turned this century into a hell killing 20 civilians for each military fallen in action (it was exactly the opposite 100 years ago).

If you feel a nausea after visiting our web we have accomplished our goal. Do not put the blame on us, we have not produced all this violence. It is better that you think twice to whom you vote or wich government you support.

thenausea: nausea psychopaths (usually) have the power: Afghanistan (external - login to view)

Nausea, Israel war crimes thenausea: psychopaths (usually) have the power: israel (external - login to view)

thenausea: nausea psychopaths (usually) have the power:argentina (external - login to view)

If we leave there will be many perhaps millions of refugees especially women. Could
you blame them? I am not pleased we are fighting in there, but if we just leave there
will be even more discourse. First of all the Taliban could well return, the human rights records of that crowd is appalling. Women would leave and the ones that did
not would be condemned to reside in a living hell.
A re-established Taliban and their allies would present serious problems for the west.
In the end we would be back with more trouble more dollars and more death, than if
we stay and finish them off as soon a possible.
The way it is now we should go into Pakistan and anywhere else the terrorists hide.
A policy of If you are caught you are shot should be introduced, in whatever country
terrorists are caught.
The tragedy of these deaths should not be suffered by any family. These young people often represent the best - in talent and in patriotism. My heart goes out to the families - personally I don't know how they cope.

It is time to debate rationally the role of Canada in Afghanistan and what can possibly be accomplished in the next year and a half by sending these young men and women there in our name.
lone wolf
I just can't imagine how it feels to be offering up your life only until quittin' time....
I supported the original mission as it was related to al Qaeda and bringing those responsible for 9/11 to justice. But like it or not the current mission is now to support a corrupt and unpopular government.

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