See ya Dubya

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I was just responding to your post, CANUCKLEHEAD.

The name is Cannuck.

YouTube - Robin Williams

That's the one, Spade! Funniest man alive.....
Stop Clapping your hands.
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And Bush was most likely saying...

"SO LONG SUCKAAAS! How did that Impeachment thing go? Gee... No one here to arrest me? Better luck next time! Did my 8 and now I'm off to Crawford Texas fo' life!"

As the presidential helicopter lifted off that cool January morning for Crawford, a hush came over the crowd. John McCains lone (size 10) Ferragamo loafer floated end over end....... Every body held their breath in "shock and awe" as it impacted the helicopter...... "THUNK"

I slowed floated back to earth and......

It's possible, but not's a good parting image though.....

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