Seniors don't want to give up money for younger gen: poll

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If I were running a nation that faced a labour crisis and a retirement funding crisis I'd do three things.

First: I'd invest the pensions of the aging labour force into resources development and infrastructure.

Second. I'd utilize the remaining skilled labour force to build the infrastructure to access, extract and get those resources to market so the products are being sold, the remaing skilled labour is still padding their nest by working ensuring the pension investments pay off and my currency remains strong to keep their asses alive for 20-30 years after retirement.

Thirdly: I'd fill in the gaps by tapping into a major skilled labour force in the nation I border which just happens to have to manpower and arms to protect my resources and it's infrastructure from destruction by foreign invaders by removing many of the trade, security, people movement barriers, and currency issues that neighbouring nations have because of borders.

Take a look around you. Does it appear that these points are indeed unfolding before your eyes?

My dilemna comes in questioning the motives of various governments, who I'm sure were aware that Free Trade and all of it's subsequent negative results on our jobs market, would of course impact the skilled trades based manufacturing sector the hardest of all when those jobs went off-shore. I'm sure they were aware this would happen and in my most suspicious corner of my sub-conscious; I think they actually reduced training etc., and significant investment into fiduciary responsibilities BECAUSE they thought they could, without repercussions falling upon THEIR shoulders.

Many labour organizations were aware of the consequences of Free Trade upon our economy years ago when they were actively fighting it, but so many of todays workforce were just mere youth or spec's in their daddie's eyes at the time and were brought up to believe Unions were the downgfall of civilized society so the memberships in those Unions went into decline alone with their general acceptance as the champions of the underdog. They didn't help their case much with some of the stupid shenannigans of the late 70's onward either, but; who else has taken their place in debating and challenging these issues with any government. OWS? Give me a freak'n break!

I once got into a shouting argument with the much vaunted Bob White AND Bob Rae when the two were taking the positon during a meeting that Free Trade was change and "change is a good thing". They seemed remote from the actual effects that were happening even then. I watched as the NDP became an extension of the CAW which used it's voting clout in the form of bully boy and "block voting" tactics at the conventions like the OFofL. to effectively muzzle the other unions who were challenging the prevailing thoughts on the issue.

They (leadership of the CAW) thought they would be net winners in this 'russian roulette' of jobs movements across borders because "they were the best, don't you know".

The younger folks were content to listen to the refrain of anti-union rhetoric and abstained from either getting involved to 'effect change from within' and were content to simply float, with the results being todays disenfranchised group of younger workers who are desperate to place blame. They need only look in the mirror for some of that responsibility. You could have had an effect through many other avenues than just the ballot box of provincial/federal elections.

Here's my challenge to them; you espouse the position in your unionized workplace that the union is corrupt and disconnected from reality. GET INVOLVED! It's like any other organization; the good ones stand back preferring to let the goofs run the show they deserve what they get! You work for a company that has treated you O.K. but are aware of instances of unfair treatment to other employees and do nothing; guess what that makes you?

Some on here using the anonymity of a forum are great at pointing that accusing finger without any repercussions attached but I challenge that "mouthpiece" (as we would have referred to them in the day) to perform some function serving to clean up something other than their own worthless butt!

Shouting from the cheap seats in the bleachers ain't getting the job done kiddies!
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What happens if $700 billion dollars debt is paid off and that amount of currency is taken out of circulation?

Does it have to be taken out of circulation? Actually if the debt was paid off it would be worth more.


Fear is easier.

Speaking of Russian roulette.Canada owns 10% of GM who recently open massive plants in China and Russia.

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Does it have to be taken out of circulation?

It's up to whomever it is we owe the money to. They can sit on it or dump it or burn it in a big heap but once it's paid it's out of our hands.
Very brave people.

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