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hey hammie........did she smell her toke when she was out with you? i haven't laughed that hard in we are taking off for the day in the brilliant sunshine, and pea dons her 'hat' that she had forgotten in the jeep. covered (or should i say smothered) in patchoula (?) oil and waiting for her. along comes pea, picks it up with one hand, does a quick twirl on the hand and ta da! up to the ol' nose hairs. almost whiffed the thing right up her nose she did.

my god pea, control yourself i says. i can't help it, galli, it's covered in my patchoula oil and i am fresh out. snort. snort. grin.

well pea, as i am writing this they are playing 'sky pilot' on the radio, so there is a god! it goes so well with the patchy oil.
I think you mean toque :P quit bugging me about patchouli oil the stuff smells good to me, I like it..and don't see me complaining about having to drive down the road with you in a jeep and you are wearing a you are underdog or something ...I mean really I say nothing, just sniff and bear it :P in fact I ran into someone that said...hey pea were you in a jeep on saturday with someone wearing a cape up at the observatory...ehm...nope must have been somebody else :P
ah pea...i think you are forgetting the part about who exactly jumped off the mountain. and it wazzn't me . sure, i might have been wearing the cape, but you were the bozo with the 'toke' on your head, or should i say ' toque'. hmmmm, i guess the 'toke' was what you were smokin'. yeah, that's it!!!! and when you gave that last belly laugh and heading towards the edge with your wings on, how was i to know you were serious about going flying that day? my god pea, you grinning ear to ear as you shot the air currents and got that occasional pocket of fresh air, looping and swirling, my god even thinking about it i get dizzy. so there's me in my cape, running around to the side of the jeep, taking pictures, following you for miles as you soared thru the upper currents finally ......... finally landing in the field behind the gravel pit. i was bloody exhausted
Well if I was toking...than you were sniffing I don't toke and fly, it makes me paranoid I am paranoid enough on the ground. *looks around*...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what we really did was eat a bucket of humus with rice crackers on top of a mountain...just me and my buddy sitting at the edge of the planet with our feet dangling over the side..eating peaches :P I gotta go and sift through a huge bag of garbage I can't find my paycheck....did I leave it in your jeep...I saw it on Saturday...dam I hate this!!!!!!
pea, i am not going to take the bait on this know how i feel about this stuff. first it was money just floating around in your pockets, now your bloody check????? oh boy, you are in big trouble next time we meet up. did you check that purse thingee that you now wear? you know, the army commando look that you are sporting
ya well I found was in the garbage....I gotta change my evil ways...I am wasting to much time looking for commando my ***!!!!!
Well it appears the mini dude found the answer himself, I let him use my computer...he found his answer at another board, the dude needs his own computer :P

It's the reflection of the light...along with a awesome website :P (external - login to view)
mini dude has a new question...I pay the mini dude a nickel for every weed he pulls out of my garden...but only a penny if it as no root attached to it...he seems to feel that with the rate of inflation he should be getting dude I had to do it for no wage at all when I was your age :P

Here is his question:

Peapod do dogs bark in their sleep???
yes, when they dream. I witnessed this exact thing last week!
THey also "run" and "growl" in their sleep. Cat's just do the "chicken"
Reverend Blair
Not only do dogs bark in their sleep, but they wake themselves doing it, then bark at the barking that woke them up. If you have four dogs and one barks in it's sleep the other three assume that there's somebody at the door. The sleep-barking dog then wakes up, sees her buddies at the door, and decides that somebody must be there too.

Dogs are not very good at deductive reasoning.
Well thanks rev and twila...I should have known the resident pet experts would know. :P Our family dog was a golden retriever, I only heard him bark once in 12 years, and it was just one deep woof, at a racoon that was in the tree. I did notice when he was napping he would whimper l sometimes, or give a big sigh. So now we know dogs to bark in their sleep. Thanks I will pass it along :P
Wouldn't it be weird if they WERE good at deductive reasoning? Then they'd like.

Some dogs are able to perform a similar thing. Like when you pretend to throw a ball but don't really, they soon learn to catch on. Not all dogs mind you, but some. Terriers are good at catching on.

My doby pitty cross was really good at finding things. I'd hide them and he'd look. Course he wasn't really bright. He'd look for things simply because I told him too, not because he seen me actually hide anything. Kept him busy and out of my hair for hours on end!

He was also very protective. I'd pretend to be scared of something and he'd "attack" it. I once tried this, pointing my finger at nothing. Silly dog couldn't figure out what I was pointing at so he bit my finger! Taught me a lesson though!

(given half a chance, I will post stories about my pets, whether anybody else finds them interesting or not. See how I slid this one in?)
bark on or meow on twila :P
Well, let me tell you about what my silly cat did last week.

I caught her skipping. That's right, skipping. Like gymnists do to get on the right foot. My cat did this and then slid down the stair rail (it's not a real rail, just the side of the stairs that's flat).

My cat skips! I'm not real sure how I'm suppose to feel about this.
Well I told this story before around here, but you were not around than, so I will tell you. My best friend has a dog named biscuit. Biscuit is a springer spaniel. My friend lives out in the country in Port alberni. Every year without fail biscuit leaves his home, and travels up the road a few miles to the home of a senior couple. I am telling you twila he does this every year! He spends the winter at home and the summer up the road. He just comes home to visit once in awhile over the summer. Sometimes in the summer, we will take a walk and pass the house where biscuit spends his summer laying on the front porch. Yo biscuit we call out, he lifts his head and looks and pretends he does not know us and goes back to sleep...come winter he returns home like nothing happened
That's wonderful. These part time humans don't mind?
No they don't they love fact last night my best friend told me that she was driving to the store and who should pass? The two seniors...who was sitting between them in the truck...biscuit
Poor Biscuit, she deserves to spend all her time with those that love her. Not just half the year.
ehm..kind of a misunderstanding twila. Biscuit has the perfect life, he does whatever he wants, he has a wonderful home half the year and another one up the road the other half. :P There is no point telling biscuit what to do. All his life he has lived in the country and done has he pleased. I have no idea why he started spending half the year up the road, but maybe he realized they needed him to :P

If you are ever in Port Alberni, and are driving down beaver creek road, you might see a brown and white springer spaniel, he is usually with his buddy...probally going fishing
well, my fiance is from Port Alberni. Next time he is visiting his mother I will ask him to keep an eye out for Biscuit and to make sure he has a treat for Bisquit from me.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...your fiance is from Port Alberni...well maybe I might just know his family :P Yes beaver creek road...goes by the name of biscuit Ehm ask your man if his swimming hole was papermill dam
Were you at a wedding last summer in Port Alberni? I wish I could remember the name of the couple getting married. I was introduced to a bunch of individuals. Some not so individual. Some seemed like siamese twins....leaning on each other and such!

I'd describe the drunken melee, but come's Port Alberni! It would be more likely to be identifiable if it had been a sober affair!


maybe I might just know his family

Yes you might. They have the highly unusual name of Smith. And there is a lot of
Smith...I see...were there identical twins in this smith family????????
this I don't know. I'll have to ask my fiance. I'll get back to you on that.
The neighbourhood rugrat and I have found a excellent website. This otta keep him off my back for awhile (external - login to view)
Quote: Originally Posted by Girl82

Change the subject and ask him what his favorite toy is. Haha.

You know I agree.... I have a son who is always asking me the same questions.... it drives me crazy at times... so I change the subject..."oh look....theres a potatoe bug"..... hey! it works
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

The neighbourhood rugrat is always asking me questions I cannot answer :P So from now on instead of having to spend time looking for the answer....I am gonna ask them here...This is his latest question???

How come if a beam of light is shining on the ground, it will move on the ground as you move your head and body??

"Because your Mother and Father indulged in substances that they really should not have, before you were born."

That oughtta give you time to finish the Crossword, at least.


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