You consider Biden or God Almighty

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Dec 4, 2017
Most people observe the news; what Biden said and what he will do.. but they do not consider God Almighty: what He said, and what will He do to disbelievers and wrong-doers.
Has Biden the control over life or death? Has he control over the provision or increasing your income?
While it is God Who controls life and death and gives provision and disposes about the income and health of man.

Can Biden control his own life or death: at any hour, the angel of death may come and seize his soul, and because he is not a Muslim, he will lose in the Next Life, because the First Commandment says to him: God is One, and he says: Trinity.
In fact, he can do nothing without God's help. God has complete control of his mind, his health, his life and death; and yet many people think he can do much.

He thinks he can eradicate the pandemic, but unless God Almighty enables him to do so, he cannot and he is completely unable.

So if Biden obeys God and seeks his help and does not associate anyone with Him, and is just towards the Palestinian and Muslims, God may help him, and if not, then he is only like other falsehood followers and will fail.

Quran 30: 40, which means:
{It is God Who created you [people], then provided for you, then [by night] makes you die [through sleeping], then [by day] quickens you [through awaking.]
Is there among your associates, anyone who can do anything of that?
Glory be to Him! High be He exalted above that they associate [with Him!]

See more explanation of this aya in the link:


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Nov 27, 2008
Vernon, B.C.
If he's even 10% better than his predecessor it will be a win, win, win. He's starting to look good already. Let's just enjoy the day!


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May 18, 2010
Well you see Biden is a real person whereas your God is only a figment of your stupid imagination.
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