“The 21st century Nazis”


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May 25, 2004
Following up developments in Iraq under the occupation, you all must be familiar with a term that has repeatedly appeared on news reports during the past two years: The Triangle of Death, the area south of the Iraqi capital, which constitutes the three towns of Yosfiya, Mahmoodiya and Latifiya, stated an editorial by Sabah Ali from Brussels Tribunal.

Contrary to how this area; The Triangle of Death or the Death Triangle has been portrayed in mainstream media, it has nothing to do with death- It is located in one of the greenest, most beautiful and peaceful areas of Iraq, with fruit orchards, vegetable farms where the Tigris and the Euphrates and the rural areas that engulf hundreds of small villages. The Area south of Baghdad used to be one of the most important industrial areas in the war torn country, but it is now branded Triangle of Death by the occupying government, Washington, due to the hideous amount of attacks the three countries witnessed since the war was launched in March 2003.

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Ocean Breeze

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Jun 5, 2005
and to think that those criminals in Washington really promoted the idea of "hearts and flowers".

because THEY wanted Iraq so bad they were salivating......it would have been up to them to BRING hearts and flowers.

( their stupidity and cruelty knows no boundaries)

seems americans have lost the privilege to whine about anti americanism. They authored it.....they can now live /deal with it. " cry babies " is not too harsh.........when one considers what their criminal gov't has done.

I read a very similar article on another source recently. Will link it when I find it again.