Systemic racism


Executive Branch Member
Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
Soooo after decades of being told by the "PC police" that seeing someone's skin colour and not seeing them simply as another person was racist, I can now safely reference that my friend, my brother-in law and my nephew are Black? Was I being racist when I saw my brother-in law as just a really cool guy who I liked a helluva lot more than the sister he was married to? Meanwhile their son got to enjoy racism from both communities. Black kids rejected him because he was "White" and White kids rejected him because he was "Black". Of course I'm sure it was only the White kids and their parents who were racist, right?

And yet my parents, who were both staunchly conservative, welcomed them into the family with open arms and hearts. My dad even paid for their wedding. "Oddly" enough, my sister is also a staunch conservative. But that can't possibly be, all conservatives are racist.