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Nov 21, 2008
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Apparently, in Disney's new The Little Mermaid, a Black actress playing Ariel is causing quite the stir.

Question: What race are non-existent myths supposed to be?
It's a cartoon correct? Are Carl Carlson and Dr Hibbard real? Who got uppity on that? The people you're trying to rile in this thread? Probably not so I guess you're a day late and a dollar short.
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Oct 26, 2009

if i remember correctly he fell in love with someone else and she died. why would anyone want to see that? :confused:


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Oct 26, 2009
Disney accidentally hired adult film star for The Little Mermaid
Author of the article:Bang Showbiz
Bang Showbiz
Published Jun 12, 2023 • 1 minute read

Disney accidentally cast a porn star in ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Casting bosses working on the live-action remake wanted to use “really sexy male models” to portray the mermen in the film, and among those hired for the job was 24-year-old Stefano Tomadini, who has also made adult movies under the alias Dante Ferrari.

His explicit films, for which he was paid up to £1,000 a time, are still available to watch online, though viewers have to pay.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Casting bosses decided to hire a number of really sexy male models to play mermen in the movie.

“They had no idea about Stefano’s racy videos and, given ‘The Little Mermaid’ is the big summer blockbuster for kids, it’s a bit embarrassing for Disney.”

While filming the movie in Sardinia, Stefano shared a number of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

Tagging Disney in the post, he wrote in the caption: “Lifetime memories with lifetime friends.(sic)”

A spokesperson for Disney declined to comment.

The Rob Marshall-helmed remake – which stars Halle Bailey in the title role – was previously dubbed “a classic” by big wigs at the movie studio and seen as an obvious choice for a reimagining.

Tony Chambers, the head of distribution at Disney told Variety: “It’s a classic. You ask a lot of women or men of my age and it’s ‘Little Mermaid’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that rank as their favorite animated movie. It’s a story that takes them back to their respective childhoods and this movie is the perfect opportunity for a lot of people to pass that love on to the next generation.”


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Aug 13, 2022
I think I mentioned this before...

I introduced my daughter to my Psychiatrist for the first time and said...

"This is Anne. She's taking Psychology at University to try and figure out her Father."

Without missing a beat, my Doctor says...

"Oh. You're going for your PHD are you??"


I rented The Little Mermaid for the kids when they were very young. During the movie my girls started acting up right when Ariel was in a boat and about to kiss The Prince. So I yelled out...

"Stop talking!! They're about to kiss!!!"

Yup. I got sucked into the movie and made a fool of myself. lol!
A guy I worked with back in the 70s married a woman that was taking psychology. Now he was a bit out there, but a hell of a nice guy. She told everyone she married him to use him for her master’s thesis. Sadly he was run over by a mine truck a couple of years later.