Putin's 'Supersized' Top Secret Mobile Phone


Time Out
Mar 16, 2007
Red Deer AB
Kremlin Dismisses Media Claim About Putin's 'Supersized' Top Secret Mobile Phone

Earlier this week, an informed Kremlin source told Russian media that President Putin uses a cell phone designed especially for him that is thicker than an ordinary smartphone and has several levels of protection.

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has commented on reports about President Putin's special phone for private use that is thicker than ordinary cell phones.
"It is not really that thick", Peskov told reporters on Saturday responding to the question about the size of the device.
Earlier, Russian media reported, citing a Kremlin source, that the Russian president possesses a special mobile phone fitted with several levels of protection from signal distortion and wiretapping, among other things.
In December, the Kremlin press secretary stated that President Putin did not use smartphones at all.