Once again Bin Laden speaks and something blows up

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Apr 9, 2006
Once again, bin Laden speaks and something blows up. Egypt, yet again. Social turmoil rages there. Worse in Nepal, I hope the king gets thrown off his throne. There are religious as well as economic overtones to all the upheavals wracking former empires.


Egyptian police have broken up a pro-reform protest at the Judges' Syndicate in Cairo, beating one senior judge and detaining 15 protesters.

Fifty judges have been holding a sit-in at their headquarters to protest against the prosecution of two of their colleagues by the government.

Police moved against demonstrators overnight and struck a judge who came out to defend them, witnesses said.

Judge Mahmoud Hamza was taken to hospital but was not seriously hurt. "I told them I was a judge, a head of a court. They hit me... and took my trousers off."

In an interview with the BBC, he said the government wanted to "terrorise" judges to back down from demanding their rights.

And more bombs, co-ordinated detonations, target tourist resorts. Every time bombs blow, the ruling elites arrest and torture various suspects and declare they solved the case and then it is business as usual until the next series of bombs go blewie. Of course, the IED school is holding nonstop classes in Iraq and one can't help but notice that the abilities of the bombers has grown vastly. They are, in other words, learning fast. It is rare to catch them now. Practice makes perfect. This is why the Bush push into Iraq makes me suspicious. Did bin Laden hypnotize all the neo cons into doing exactly what he wanted or is he one of them? Probably both. The neo cons are easily misled. Tell them a lie they want to hear and they fall into the trap every time. It is certainly easy, being bin Laden.

The King of Nepal is going under and not a minute too soon. Bloomberg:

The U.S. demanded Nepal's King Gyanendra hand over power and assume a ceremonial role after the monarch said he would reinstate Parliament following weeks of protests that have left at least 14 people dead.

The king yesterday in a national address said Parliament will convene on April 28 and called on the seven-party opposition alliance to ``bear the responsibility of taking the nation on the path to national unity and prosperity, while ensuring permanent peace and safeguarding multiparty democracy,'' according to a transcript of his speech posted on Nepalnews.com.

May the jerks who conspired with this wretch of a king rot in hell. When it looked like the son was swaying political opinion within the royal family to negotiate with the Maoist rebels and to also extend political power to the peasants of Nepal, the "evil uncle" as we used to call him (my parents spent MANY a day in Nepal over the last 50 years!) and his mother and other members of his half of the clan left the feast hall and suddenly the entire royal family was MACHINE GUNNED? And they made up this hokey story that the ernest son who was a fine, upstanding person, did it? Huh?

The evil uncle wouldn't let in any detectives or police. It was a pure military coup and the minute he crowned himself, he allied the country with the USA and proceeded to torment everyone. He is hated and to say the least, I don't like him, either. So as per usual for the clumsy, stupid evil empire, the USA demands this puppet of ours step down just like we demanded the puppet in Iraq step down for another puppet, or so we imagine.

And the bombs go off there, many more soldiers of ours blown up and assassinations and mayhem rage in Iraq, they rage in Nepal, they rage where ever we park ourselves and decide to rule. We spread mayhem. We are sending in secret troops into Iran to spread tribal mayhem, Pakistan is falling apart due to tribal mayhem and we are killing the mayhemers who happen to be hiding bin Laden among other things and bin Laden once again reached out to stir the pot and every time he does this, the neo cons tell Americans to do more stupid, inane, destructive things, like nuking Iran! And this is going to fix everything, right?

The Chinese are irritated that Nepal, on their border, is in disorder. They dislike disorder especially Maoist disorders and want to bring things under control. India wants us to reign in the reigning monarch moron and so we have our envoys over there, hissing at him. Just pretend to be less noxious we whine only he can't help it, he is the Evil UNCLE. So something is rotten in Katmandu.

Egypt is going to fall. No matter how many envoys we send to plug the dikes there, they will collapse and a flood of humanity is going to alter history and we won't like it one bit if it ends up fusing with the Palestinians in Gaza and a mega-state begins to form.

Egypt has united with the Holy Land off and on repeatedly for the last...oh, how about 6,000, maybe 20,000 years. Back when the cat was domesticated and worshipped as a goddess, the goddess of happiness.